The Week In Review
Volume 1, Issue 1

November 15, 2002
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I think, initially, I'm going to simply summarize the weeks news and organize it by game. May as well keep it simple and make it easy for you to skip straight to the parts you like.

Games In Play

TechLive TV did an interview with Jesse Alexander and Rick Orci about the gadgets on the show. You can find in online at

The latest Alias Underground mission was released today.

Lots of updates this week. All of the major players except Oysterlass and James Pitt have made some type of contact. interviewed Dana Bruno. The full interview is online here.

Noah Boddy
Players figured out Clue #2 (After Dark Melodies) and are struggling with Clue #3.

Up and Coming

Chasing The Wish
The first official announcement was issued on 11/12/02. The game trailer is expected next Tuesday.

Despite their press release on Nov. 4, the game is still not live.

GameSpy interviewed Mind Quest founder and CEO, Keith Griffin. Check our spin on the game.

Other News

We've added a block with the latest news and rumors from Unforums.

Feeling nostalgic? We have links to lots of classic adventure games playable online. Check here and here.

Push, Nevada Winner Announced

This Week's Survey: Which game are you playing next? Alias and Search4e tied for first with 27% each. Full results here

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