Dateline Dec. 31, 2002: JadedMedia Experience Stage 1 Wraps. Stage 2 Staged

March 28th, 2010

Players completed the first full stage of the JadedMedia Experience yesterday. With over 150 players, JMX is one of the successful online puzzles currently active. Stage 2 begins tomorrow and promises to be equally challenging.

The first stage, composed of 19 puzzles, took players just under one month to complete. At times, the puzzles fell like lushes at happy hour. For other parts, the players needed a bit of prodding in the way of additional hints to recognize the blindingly obvious.

Kenny Perry, aka Compguy509, got top honors for the first stage. According to Kenny, Gridlock (1.5) was the hardest puzzle just because the players way overthunk it. Encrypt (1.11) was another that stood out for him.

JMX Stage 1 will remain online for anyone that missed out and is still interested in playing through the challenge.

For the duration of the first stage, The JMX server logged over 16,000 page views and transferred almost one gigabyte of data.

Stage 2 launches on New Years Day. You can jump in at [] and register to play. Game play is free.

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