Dateline Dec. 24, 2002: Deaddrop announces free hosting for Grassroots Campaigns

March 27th, 2010

In an effort to spur the development of grassroot Alternate Reality Games, is pleased to announce the availability of free hosting for free immersive games and puzzle games.

One of the biggest obstacle for many PuppetMasters is the availability of financially and advertising free hosting for domains needed to run an immersive campaign.

To help lower the barrier to entry for prospective PuppetMasters, deaddrop is offering, on a trial basis, hosting for websites. PuppetMasters will have the ability to redirect masked domain names to storage at, post content on [], and utilize the resources available through [].

Each of these domains are hosted on LINUX servers with Apache, PHP 4.x, mySQL, and provide flash support.

To submit a confidential request for hosting, visit deaddrop Hosting.

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    […] So far, the game is being conducted solely on free resources such as Yahoo and Hotmail, but the PM has kept good contact with the players, so I really hope the game has legs. (Note to PM: If you need ad-free hosting, send a request.) […]

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