Dateline Dec. 5, 2002: New Game? Experience It!

March 23rd, 2010

If it looks like an immersive game, if it feels like an immersive game, if it sounds like an immersive game — it must be an immersive game! Maybe.

We have all the elements, we have a trailhead, we even have a realworld element at some dive in Boise, Idaho (right??). The basic plot is an AWOL inventor, his creation, The Experience, and a bit of intrigue.

Granted the PM had an awkward start shilling the game at Unforums, but what the hey, when someone shows me the “right” way to launch an ARG, I’ll write an article!

The first few parts take a page from the Alias 2.0 playbook. It’s pure scavenger hunt. We are left with a, ahem, player conveniently near the pub to retrieve whatever from Maurice.

The game has a definite homegrown feel to it, but if it manages to transcend Boise, I think it will be fun to watch.

(Psst, hey Jeff! Call me, let’s do lunch!)

Trailhead: []

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