Dateline Dec. 4, 2002: Search4e. Some good news

March 23rd, 2010

Necessitas from Collective Detective managed another scoop in the world of Search4e. This time, she bears some good news.

CD Exclusive #2:

The situation is as we expected, the Search4E project is in financial crisis. I have been assured that Search4E is not over, and they are as interested as ever in continuing the story they set out to tell. Updates will continue as they are able.
However, for the time being, Search4Ed has turned into Search4Money. They have learned that their present revenue model is not working, and they are trying to plan new revenue streams, and find new financing.Going forward:

They will be refunding subscription fees. This is not because the game is over, they insist that it is not. This is simply a good faith gesture. They will continue as a free game until they are able to realize a more stable revenue model. They are still working out the logistics of the refund.

They would like to organize an open chat with the players, and explain the situation. Collective Detective is helping to arrange this for them. Watch this space for updates.

The developers of Search4E are still as interested as ever in continuing the project. It is my opinion that, as they have been in the midst of this financial crisis, they lost sight of the eroding player support. In any case, they are still enthusiastic about the search, and hope the players will remain so, as well.

We are working hard to liaise with Second State on the player’s behalf, and will keep you all posted as updates come in.

(Quoted with permission)

The good news, refunds for all. Plus the PMs are trying to regroup and move forward. I’m sure the experience will be different than what the players have come to expect, but a changed game is better than no game.The players have already voiced their [ opinions] about where the focus should be. When asked, “What’s most important to you in a good immersive/arg type game?”:

  • 50% voted for the story
  • 32% requested character interaction
  • 17% valued the puzzles

The poll didn’t allow ranked votes, so everyone picked their top priority. Although prizes was listed as a choice, no one felt the prizes were the first priority.

What remains a mystery (other than Ed’s whereabouts) is what the PMs plan to do and when things are expected to turn around. Hopefully, the planned chat at will let the players air their issues and the PMs will respond appropriately in a timely fashion.

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