Dateline Dec. 3, 2002: Search4e Death Spiral

March 23rd, 2010

Necessitas at Collective Detective got the inside scoop on Search4e. The bad news - their major funding source has pulled out. The good news - um, we’re still trying to find it.

Collective Detective Exclusive: (Republished with permission)

[Holly] spoke to Steve Masarsky today, he is no longer involved with search4e. In fact, he indicates that his role was just to loan money to the project. According to the Second State website, he is listed as a PM, so obviously this is not the case. Also, from all of our dealings with them, and from his introduction, we were led to believe that he was the lead man on the project. Something is quite amiss there. That notwithstanding, congrats to Steve. He will be pursuing personal interests including going back to school to study something in the Humanities field. Go Steve.Steve advised that he could provide me no information regarding the future of the project, as he has been somewhat out of the loop for some time now. He referred me to Waldemar “Korzen” Korzeniowsky, who according to Steve “still keeps an office” at Steve’s NY location. Korzen was unavailable for comment.

Next stop, the PR firm who was handling s4e. Seems that they are no longer handling the account, and have not been for over a month.

So in answer to the question of why you all are being contacted by the CTO on dotconnectors instead of a manager? We do not know. I will continue my fact finding mission tomorrow, and I promise you all that CD will get to the bottom of this.

Where does this leave the players? A late post by someone claiming to be the CTO for Second State was posted on the [ s4e message board] stating that there is information that needs to be communicated. His status is unconfirmed.Players who are also active on that board are up in arms about the lack of progress and attention given to the game in the last few weeks. Most of the in-game characters are AWOL and the most recent scheduled event seems to have been a no-show.Some of the more vocal players have called the question with the PuppetMasters resulting in an update of sorts. Jeremy, lead investigator for the game, send a message to all players that the player base needs to quadruple by Christmas. The message, however veiled, was clear. Not enough people have registered and the game is teetering on the edge. Given the recent withdrawal of Steve Massarsky, a partner in the venture, and his financial backing, the players have been asked to actively recruit new members to help fund the game. Needless to say, the reaction was not positive.

A number of the players posted their thoughts at Dashcat, one of the paying members posts, “I have to agree with Beth. I wouldn’t recommend this ’search’, in it’s present form, to anyone. Even if I were inclined to become a salesperson for your game I would need something to work with, such as a game.

Hmm, there’s a thought!

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