Dateline Dec. 2, 2002: This Weekend in ARG: Past, Present and Future

March 23rd, 2010

I guess someone forgot to tell the PM’s we are having a big holiday with nonstop football in the U.S. Our buddies at Noah Boddy took the time off, just about everyone else has been going gangbusters!

Past: Remember Push, Nevada? Doug TenNapel joins the fans online at #unfiction. He was one of the main puzzle developers for Push and tells all in this moderated Q&A.

Present: the jadedmedia experience launched today as well. Free registration required to play.

Future: Chasing the Wish launched their pre-launch Mini-Quest yesterday. You can get the full details at [].

MIA: Search4e disappointed yesterday when the anticipated gate opening failed to materialize at [ Banco Isla Helleborus]. Players are befuddled and bemused.

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