Dateline Nov. 30, 2002: Chasing The Wish: Mini-Quest Set to launch

March 23rd, 2010

Chasing The Wish has released further details about the mini-Quest scheduled to launch on November 30, 2002. The first four winners will be receive, along with bragging rights, suitably branded CTW swag. The [ rules and information] about the mini-quest, which begins promptly at 4:00 P.M. EST, are now online at the [ Chasing The Wish website].

The rules:

(1) Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest is a free online game with puzzle elements scheduled to begin at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday November 30th, 2002.(2) Components of the Mini-Quest - webpages, puzzles, methods of contact, etc. - will not be available until 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday November 3oth, 2002, at which time the entry page to the Quest will be posted at the site.

(3) The Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest consists of a series of puzzles and/or tasks to be solved or completed in stages. The ability to access the Internet will be necessary in order to play this game. Solving one stage will direct the player as to how to access the next stage.

(4) The first five players to complete the final task as verified by the submission of their contact information (name and either e-mail address or telephone number) through the official means provided will win the prizes listed below. The method of information submission may also require the player to answer a question(s) designed to verify that they have worked through the Mini-Quest and not gone directly to the solution. Failure to answer the question correctly will disqualify the player. Additionally, two randomly selected entrants from the remaining players who successfully completed the final task will also be chosen to receive prizes.

(5) All decisions regarding the Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest, including but not limited to rules, eligibility, puzzle solutions, game play, contestant disqualification, order of finish, and the interpretation and/or application of the Official Rules, are at Chasing The Wish’s sole and exclusive discretion and are final and not subject to appeal.

(6) Chasing The Wish is not responsible for technology and connectivity problems of any sort, including but not limited to: server problems with any server containing Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest material; connectivity problems with national and local ISP services; interruptions to e-mail, Instant Messaging, or telephone services and availability. Chasing The Wish may, at our discretion, choose to re-schedule the Mini-Quest based on the occurence of such problems.

(7) Chasing The Wish asks that players not post or share the answer to the final stage for at least four hours after the game has begun (which should be 8:00pm EST barring unforeseen delays in the start of the game) or until Chasing The Wish has posted that they have the first five successful entrants. The “answer to the final stage” is defined as the exact e-mail address, webpage location, or telephone number used to submit the contact information at the end of the Mini-Quest. Players involved in chats and posting to message boards may say that they have completed the Quest and provide hints as to how they accomplished it but may not post the exact e-mail address, webpage location, or telephone number they have located and used. Proof of the deliberate posting of the final answer will disqualify the posting player(s). Chasing The Wish understands that real-time speculation occurs in both chat and message board forums during this type of game and that the final answer may be inadvertently revealed in this manner. Final determination as to the violation of this eligibility requirement is at the sole discretion of Chasing The Wish.

(8) The first person to successfully complete the final puzzle/task and submit their contact information as described above will receive their choice of a Chasing The Wish sweatshirt or collectible lunch box, as shown on the Prizes page. The next four players to complete the Quest will receive their choice of Chasing The Wish tee-shirts or coffee mugs. The randomly selected consolation winners will receive prizes to be determined by Chasing The Wish once the other prizes are awarded.

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