Dateline Nov. 27, 2002: JadedMedia Experience Ready to Launch

March 23rd, 2010

Prepare yourselves for some puzzles and undoubtably a bit of mayhem from the PuzzleMasters at JadedMedia. Their latest series of puzzles, the JadedMedia Experience, launches on December 1. Be sure to [register] to get access to the game and receive announcements as new puzzles are released. JadedMedia has assembled a team of Puzzle Masters who are probably slaving away for your gaming pleasure as you read this.

The puzzles are being created in the same spirit as the amazingly addictive and critically acclaimed puzzle series at []. There will be a minimum of six puzzles in the series spaced out over whatever timeframe makes sense for the players. It’s expected that new puzzles will be released between a week and a month apart.

So far, over 20 players have pre-registered. JadedMedia has sponsored a number of puzzles in the past geared towards the immersive gaming audience.

about jadedmedia

jadedmedia is an online project put together by a team of collaborators. the intention is to keep you guessing by helping you see what you already know. the project has been put together by friends, colleagues, and allies. it is an alternative to what you would normally do in a place that is not even there.

jadedmedia started out as a lie. it evolved into a half-truth. in its present form, it can hide the lies through half-truths, or it can expose the half-truths through lies. it’s all up to the eye of the beholder.

jadedmedia is a beautiful thing in the ugliest sense. it is the high, the low, the far, the near, the up, the down. it is a veritable fountain of information, but it’s really not saying much of anything,

jadedmedia is what you make of it. you are the beholder.

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