Dateline Nov. 25, 2002: Chasing The Wish: Next Update: 11/26/02

March 23rd, 2010

Pre-registrant’s for Chasing The Wish received their latest update last night. CTW will be releasing the next site update on 11/26/02 and will have a mini-puzzle to whet our appetites available on 11/30/02.

CTW is also offering two levels of play depending upon how much information you are willing to provide. If you give full contact information, you can opt-in for a fully immersive experience potentially including phone calls, real world objects, and more. Both play options are free for all to play.


This Tuesday, November 26th, the [] site will be updated with new information about registration options and requirements as well as information for those who want to get involved behind the scenes with Chasing The Wish. There will also be new details posted Tuesday about a mini puzzle/contest coming this Saturday, November 30th.

Here’s a little “sneak peek” at what will be posted Tuesday:

1) Registration is on track to begin in the next week or two. Because Chasing The Wish will incorporate real world items and activities, players will be asked to submit contact information - e-mail, street address, phone numbers etc. This information will be used for game design and implementation purposes only and will absolutely not be sold, given, or shared with anyone. See the Privacy Policy posted at the site for specific details.

There will be a couple of different options for registering, however. If you don’t feel comfortable submitting personal information, you will be able to sign up to play by submitting only e-mail contact information, but it will not be the same experience as people who choose the full registration. Also, for those who do submit the complete registration information, you can still choose either a “full contact” or “limited contact” option. “Full contact” means we will call you, send letters, packages, etc and possibly plant items or artifacts close to your location. “Limited contact” means that your interaction will be restricted to the internet; we will not call or send things to your house. It’s different than the e-mail only registration in that it still provides us geographic data that will allow for real world objects and events to be possibly incorporated near you.

2) The Chasing The Wish mini puzzle/contest will begin this Saturday November 30th at a time to be announced. It will consist of several stages/tasks and the first people to solve the puzzles and complete the final task will win hot-off-the-press Chasing The Wish merchandise. Details will be sent via e-mail to all pre-registered players before Saturday November 30th.

Thanks again and stay tuned. We’re just getting started.

Chasing The Wish
A place you cannot go, a secret you cannot know.

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