Dateline Nov. 20, 2002: Terraquest Announces Launch, Part 2

March 16th, 2010

If it feels like deja vu, well, it is. The original announcement on Nov. 4 had lots of details. This one is more of a stealth launch since the counter is buried on a page with an obscure link.

You can get an exact countdown to the launch here [].

According to their current press release, “TerraQuest is the flagship game developed by MindQuest Entertainment, LLC. TerraQuest is an interactive game that will be played over a period of approximately six months, which is a cross between a mystery and a scavenger hunt. TerraQuest is a game of skill that depends on the intellect and skill of the player instead of random chance. TerraQuest is offering a minimum prize fund of $250,000 in most jurisdictions [some are inexplicably limited to half, others are ineligible for the prize], and the more people who play, the greater the prize fund becomes. It will be divided into six rounds or game periods, each of which will last for approximately 30-45 days. In order to play TerraQuest, an eligible individual must pay an entry fee.”

The game is focused on solo play and cooperation between players is being actively discouraged.

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