Dateline Nov. 18, 2002: ARGN Becomes a true network

March 16th, 2010

In support of our mission and dedication to Alternate Reality Gaming, is pleased to announce it’s charter affiliation with the newly released Alternate Reality Gaming Network.

We have also started our new, weekly newsletter, ARG Week In Review with summaries of games in progress and news from the past week.

The Alternate Reality Gaming Network is becoming just that — a true network of independent sites contributing to Alternate Reality Gaming. More than just a simple webring, ARGN will always point you to quality, complementary places to go.

ARGN will become the hub for this new affiliation of sites, a place where you will always be able to find a listing of interesting places to go and an archive of ARGs gone by.

In addition, there will be access to web-based chat with a listing of cool channels to join, and we are sponsoring a mailing list whereby you can always stay informed of news and announcements of new and suspected ARGs.

Our continued mission is to promote the growth of ARG, aka immersive gaming community. By stimulating growth, everyone benefits. As with any new genre, the community is faced with a chicken and egg problem. We take a long term view and plan to provide an ongoing program of articles and features geared to both players and puppetmasters.

Our newest feature will appear weekly on Friday. Entitled ARG Week In Review, it covers the previous weeks news and updates to games in progress. You can find our first issue here.

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