Dateline Nov. 5, 2002: In the Spirit of Push, Noah Boddy launches.

March 16th, 2010

According to Noah Boddy, the contest is real and there will be 6 winners, 6 Final Solutions, and 6 grand prizes. The story is new and geared toward the fans of Push, Nevada.

On the website, the PuppetMasters had the following statement:

From Noah Boddy’s Important Message []:

An Important Message from the ProducerAs you can see, the contest is officially underway with the update of and the posting of our official rules (see the >Game Rules” link on the main site).

The contest IS REAL.

There will be:

6 winners
6 Final Solutions
6 Grand Prizes

We have been reading the posts and flames from the fans of Push, Nevada and elsewhere and we understand your concerns. The reason we have not had the official rules up and running was because only within the past 72 hours have they been completed.

It was our (myself and my small, unpaid but dedicated team) sincere hope that we would be able to run this Internet Experience under the auspices of LivePlanet, but legal difficulties have made such impossible. As such, a new company has been formed for the process of this Experience—an experience that we hope you will enjoy as we continue to experiment with the Internet and how it best can be used to bring entertainment to an audience.

As I said elsewhere, the experience of Push, Nevada was an inspiration for me; the chance to interact with its fans a revelation. I felt the audience deserved better than it received and that the show deserved a chance.

So while the show itself was cancelled and the final solution for its storyline forever left unanswered, this is what I could do for its audience—a new story, taking the strength of the Internet’s audience and giving them a chance to solve something new.

Something with more determination, with a sharper focus and a promise to deliver puzzles and hints and clues that are geared for the voracious Internet audience. No more concerns about ‘are we over thinking?’ We are going to do everything we can to make sure you are not even close to thinking hard enough.

You will notice that the Grand Prizes are to be disclosed later—there is a reason for that. We here at Noah Boddy Productions (the new company comprised, literally, of those that wanted to do this during their off hours) are still working on them. If you have gone through the trouble to solve them, you want something spectacular—and as this site was a spur of the moment decision on our part (although the story is actually one that we’ve wanted to tell for a while), we are still in the process of putting together the necessary pieces to give you Grand Prizes worthy of the time. We think you’re going to be happy.

And with that, the contest begins—yes, I know some of you are still going to be wary, and I understand why. This is an experiment for everyone—you and me. It may well fail. But I think if you stay with us and give this a chance, you’ll find the story a great one and the contests far more challenging.

I sincerely hope you will stick around. We are going to try something different—and we would love to see what you think of it. If the amount of email that’s flooded my account is any indication, you certainly WANT another, better puzzle. That’s what we intend to give you.

Sincerely, The Noah Boddy Team

P.S. Yes, Noah Boddy remains behind the screen for now. Your job is to find out who the Noah Boddy in the STORY is—but we promise, the real Noah Boddy will raise his or her neck before the final curtain.

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