Dateline Nov. 4, 2002: TerraQuest Goes Live

May 1st, 2009

For $25, you can try your hand at an online adventure that just might net you $250,000.

MindQuest announces the final release of their new game.

The game, released today, has numerous opportunities to win cash There will be several $25,000 prizes and a grand prize of at least $250,000 (unless you live somewhere where the prizes are half (see the u>Official Rules for details).

The Press Release:

Henderson, NV November 4, 2002 MindQuest Entertainment, an online interactive entertainment company, today announced its flagship game, TerraQuest, a strategic online game that blends mystery, intrigue and the chance to win a substantial cash prize. Players from around the world in over 20 nations will compete to be the first to solve the mystery and reap the benefits.
>The TerraQuest game will offer an extremely rewarding intellectual challenge to people all over the world,” said Keith Griffin, founder and chief executive officer of MindQuest Entertainment. >Because TerraQuest depends on the mind instead of reflexes, it can be enjoyed by everyone with a basic computer literacy. This truly is the next generation of entertainment – it is what adults play when they grow up.”

TerraQuest Offers a New Type of Online Entertainment
TerraQuest is an interactive game that is a cross between a mystery and a scavenger hunt. It blends elements of reality entertainment with the Internet for a new paradigm in entertainment. As console games and online fantasy games have created a new and highly successful market in the last several years, TerraQuest brings to market a new type of online game that is based on skill and intellect, rather than reflexes.

TerraQuest Players Control Their Own Destiny
Using a Laboratory Assisted Research System (LARS), players are put in control of their own destiny. TerraQuest invites the player to step inside a variety of interactive media presentations. Using the LARS Console, players have the opportunity to navigate and view rooms panoramically, listen to audio clues, and submit clues to the Research Lab. At the lab, clues can be examined, magnified, fingerprinted and unlocked (such as a briefcase). Requested analysis will be sent back to players within 48 hours. Using a clue manager, players can keep track of all their detective work to submit their proposed answer at the end of a game period.

>The interactive LARS Console really puts the player in charge of their own destiny,” said Devin Pense, creative director for MindQuest Entertainment. >Players may choose to focus on a particular room or object that may or may not help them get closer to the final answer. The suspense of solving the mystery and winning a shot at the prize money is extraordinarily entertaining.”

TerraQuest Is Challenging, Intriguing and Most of All-Fun
TerraQuest will comprise six game periods, each lasting approximately one month. The object of the game is to obtain the number for a bank account that contains the grand prize - the first player to do so will win one-half of the money in the bank account. During the first five game periods, players will be seeking to discover the first part of the bank account
number and the identity of the person possessing a safe deposit box key. The first ten players to correctly identify that information will then compete against each other to be the first to locate, at a specific date, location, and time, the holder of the safe deposit box key, who will give that player the key. Inside the safe deposit box will be numbers comprising the second part of the bank account. The players will be able to follow the clues by using only their computers, their minds, and readily available research within the game.

TerraQuest Offers the Chance to Win a Substantial Cash Prize
The first finalist to locate the holder of the key will be deemed the winner. The winner will receive the key to the safe deposit box, which contains the second part of the bank account number. The winning player will receive fifty percent of the money in the bank account (the grand prize). Each of the other nine finalists will receive five percent of the money in the bank account. The first player who is not a finalist to locate the holder of the key will also receive five percent of the money in the bank account.

Pricing and Availability:

TerraQuest offers a great entertainment value. Players who register in the first month pay a $25.00 registration fee. As the game periods progress, the registration fee increases. For complete pricing information, please see the TerraQuest Fact Sheet at

MindQuests’ flagship product, TerraQuest is available today for download at

Rules and Eligibility:

To review the Official Rules and eligibility to play the game, please visit

About MindQuest Entertainment
Founded in January of 2002, MindQuest Entertainment, LLC is an online interactive entertainment company that writes and produces games that are based upon skill and intelligence, rather than reflexes. As the first company to offer an online interactive game with substantial cash prizes, MindQuest will offer compelling entertainment to adults from many countries around the world. MindQuest is a privately funded and privately held limited liability company, with headquarters in Henderson, Nevada. For more information about MindQuest and its flagship product, TerraQuest, please visit

Read the privacy policy carefully. You’re not just paying for the game with your credit card.

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