Dateline Nov. 3, 2002: Terraquest demo and pricing announced

May 1st, 2009

MindQuest, Inc. has release pricing for their new online adventure, TerraQuest. The demo harkens back to the days of the first graphical adventure games with a few twists thrown in.

First and foremost, there be treasure. And we’re not talking about cheesy little gold coins. There will be six separate $25,000 prizes awarded along the way and a grand prize of at least $250,000 to one lucky winner.

The catch (there’s always a catch), is that to enter the game, you have to pay. The game is divided into six game periods. Depending on when you join, the price of entry escalates from $25 to $100 through the fifth game period. For the final game period, the price drops to $50 but you are ineligible for the grand prize. Furthermore, by joining, you agree allow your personal information to be shared as follows (and I quote):

Use of Information

We may use the information we collect from you for any of the following purposes: (1) to facilitate your participation in TerraQuest (2) to fulfill your requests for certain products and services; (3) to provide you with targeted offers based on your specific requests or your stated preference to receive certain categories of offers; (4) to send you information and promotional materials and offers from our company as well as from our subsidiaries, affiliates, marketing partners, advertisers, and other third parties, (5) to deliver targeted display advertisements and offers (by matching criteria provided by our advertisers with information collected from our visitors), (6) to enable our marketing partners, advertisers, and other third parties to communicate with individuals; (7) to contact visitors to our Web Sites or registered participants of TerraQuestâ„¢ when necessary; (8) to help address problems with our Web Sites or marketing services; (9) to administer our Web Sites; (10) to conduct internal reviews of our Web Sites (e.g., to determine the number of visitors to specific pages within the site), (11) to help us better understand visitors’ use of our Web Sites; and (12) to protect the security or integrity of our Web Sites.

Translated into plain english, anyone. And specifically, targeted marketing partners.

The game appears to be self contained within their LARS interface, so I don’t think it will qualify as a true ARG, but it looks to be a lot of fun and the element of substantial rewards might be enough to make a few people ante up and play along.

The official launch date has not been announced, but company insiders seem confident that the game should be live no later than mid-November.

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