Dateline Nov. 2, 2002: Real or Rant?

May 1st, 2009

The heading claims “Global Announcement” and goes on to say, “On this date an astounding discovery will be revealed to the world.”

So is it a game or just the wanton ramblings of a crackpot conspiracy theorist? It seems to me, that the story is improbable enough to be completely fictional…

and, therefore, quite possibly a game.

Two hints make me think it’s a game. First, there are oblique references to conspiracies that don’t normally go together. The statement “It has been suggested that prophecies by the ancient Seers and Soothsayers of the distant past, speak of what I have uncovered.” just doesn’t jive with someone with enough access to major search engines that they are knocking on your door moments after enter “certain combinations of search strings.”

Even if someone is that paranoid, it’s so unlikely to be true, that it must be fiction. Given that iit’s fiction, it would be done a lot more professionally if it came from a big commercial venture or movie studio.

Ergo, it’s likely a game. It’s likely to be homegrown. The PMs are giving themselves lots of time to develop it and have already garnered lots of buzz around the Internet.

I’m calling this one something to keep on the watchlist.

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