Dateline Oct. 31, 2002: Chat Transcript with Alias Technical Consultant Rick Orci

May 1st, 2009

Rick Orci, technical consultand and writer for ABC’s hit show Alias joined about 65 or so fans to chat last night at There were some great spoilers about the show and a few hints dropped about the online game. Click the Read More link for transcripts related to the game and a link to the full transcript.

Abridged Chat Transcript: 10/30/02
Chat with Bob Orci, Alias Technical Consultant
Hosted At: The Alias Four
Note: Full transcript can be found here

[rmsilver7]: ok heres a pre-asked question:
[rmsilver7]: Do the highlighted letters (location names) have a purpose other than the visual affect?
[RickOrci]: Last year, they were an encryption key for the webpuzzle at the end of the year.
[RickOrci]: This year…
[RickOrci]: They may serve a purpose… and should PROBABLY be kept track of.
[RickOrci]: I’m sure Mandaking wrote them down already.
[RickOrci]: I recognize half the names in here.
[RickOrci]: Clearly I spend too much time online.

[Kerlo]: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us tonight! I was wondering if there will be any more plot lines with Ana Espionsa? I noticed that the actress has a lead role in another tv show. Also i just wanted to say that I really like the show and you can actually tell that alot of effort was put into the writing!
[RickOrci]: Hey Kerlo.
[RickOrci]: Thanks Kerlo!
[RickOrci]: We actually wanted to get Ana back… but sadly, she’s on firefly now. However, she may serve a role in an Alias video game we’re developing.
[RickOrci]: Hopefully we’ll get her back at some point.

[rmsilver7]: Ohh also, since Weiss is the one talking in the diolaouge does that mean he isnt killed off at all??
[rmsilver7]: this season?
[RickOrci]: I heard rumors that he’s recovering nicely and may be ready for duty soon.

[rmsilver7]: OK, heres another pre asked one: Is there a mythos behind the number 47 peculiar to alias which differs from the “star trek” lore?
[RickOrci]: The recurrance of the number 47 is purely a coincidence.
[RickOrci]: If you believe in coincidences.

[RickOrci]: Hey Manda!
[Mandaking2000]: Hi Rick My question is of course web puzzle related… Last year did the puzzle progress as you all had planned it or did we miss the boat on somethings… and also is the game this year going to be structured the whole time!!
[RickOrci]: Last year it was originally budgeted as merely a “web presence”, a few sites by Eric Scott. However,
[RickOrci]: by mid-season we’d run out of money… So Jesse Alexander and I pulled together all the free resources of the net and improvised a new chapter every few weeks.
[RickOrci]: It progressed very unexpectedly.
[RickOrci]: Especially when you guys started creating private forums

[AliasJunkie]: Now is start of new webgame?
[RickOrci]: We couldn’t track player progress… so we had to create aliases as players and ifiltrate them
[RickOrci]: I could go on forever about that… It was a blast.
[RickOrci]: conspiracychick was a way to shout out to last season’s best players.
[RickOrci]: And to notify them about their “sleeper status”…
[RickOrci]: More to come…

[Transcript by: Riika Magnus of Secret Life of Alias]
[Edited for by Bill Shaw]

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