Dateline Oct. 30, 2002: Push, Nevada Ends

May 1st, 2009

The show is over, the money is about to be awarded, and Enoch has thrown in the towel. We had a good run and I’m sure the rumor mill will abound with stories, conjecture, and mystery. If we have learned nothing else, “Everyone has a secret in Push, Nevada.” Even the producers.

Now that Push is off the air to make room for a sweeps friendly lineup on ABC, it seems that LivePlanet is leaving the door open to redux the intriguing series.

It’s odd enough that the closing 30 seconds of the final episode had the main character, Derek Cecil, address the audience directly, but he strongly hinted that it wasn’t quite over.

In fact, the hacker site, which provided clarification of important clues during the show, reinforces this message by offering a free download of the 160 page book, The Push, Nevada Experiment and the following quote:

F&O: They are close, they are very close! I can’t believe the resources these people have. I never thought I would be even close to vulnerable with my connections and abilities. I don’t think I am going to make it. Please, please keep up the fight.

Use the book, the information I have given you, and whatever resources you can to keep fighting. Good Luck.

Enoch Out

It seems this chapter is over, but the story may not be. After all, the mystery of Push is, as Mary Sloman said, “like all the best secrets, not quick in the telling.”

The book does a fantastic job of wrapping up the story of Push. Although I initiallly enjoyed the show, I had much more appreciation for the story after reading the book and watching the episodes with my newfound understanding of the plot.

Within a day of the cancellation, it was already rumored that LivePlanet had begun making the rounds looking for another home for their fledgling concept. The audience garnered by Push, NV is easily sufficient for cable. Add that to the 10,000 plus registrations on the message group LivePlanet established on Yahoo and at least two other large groups communicating elsewhere and you have a substantial potential audience for a sequel or spin-off. The book and the on-air wrapup both leave the door open.

My only hope is that if Push, Nevada is reincarnated, LivePlanet realizes that dumbing down the puzzles was, well, dumb. The level of cooperation demonstrated by every player group I witnessed was phenomenal. The audience clearly deserves more and I, for one, hope they get it.

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