Dateline Oct. 22, 2002: TerraQuest ARG Planned with $250,000 Prize

April 29th, 2009

MindQuest, based in Henderson, Nevada will be releasing their first interactive adventure, TerraQuest. This game, intended to run for about six months, will blend mystery and online interaction and reportedly offers a quarter million dollar prize. All the while offering a compelling and immersive experience for the players.

From the official website [formerly]:

This fall, MindQuest will release its first interactive game, TerraQuest will be an interactive Internet game that blends the elements of mystery and intrigue with the quest of a lifetime. Players from around the world will be competing to be the first to solve the game and reap the rewards. For approximately (or “more than”) six months, this game of skill will challenge the intelligence, creativity, and dedication of the players, while it delivers an outstanding entertainment value.

About MindQuest
MindQuest Entertainment is an online interactive entertainment company that creates and produces games that are based upon skill and intelligence, rather than reflexes. As the first company to offer an online interactive game with substantial cash prizes, MindQuest will offer compelling entertainment to people over the age of 18 and from many countries around the world.

Founded: January 2002
Founder: Keith Griffin

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