Dateline Oct. 21, 2002: Gold Treasure Hunt I Solved. $10K awarded

April 29th, 2009 has announced the winner of their first Gold Treasure Hunt. Way to go, Drew Giles of London, England. He won two round trip tickets to Savannah, Georgia to claim his prize of 2 1/4 pounds of gold valued at $10,000. had 30,000 people start the hunt and plans on hosting Treasure Hunt II in the near future.

The puzzle took merely 1 1/2 weeks to develop and took about as long to solve. 9 finalist had the correct city and were provided the final clue.

The complete solution can be found at {Dead link).

The correct, winning answer was In the flowerbox outside of The Six Pence Pub, 245 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia USA. Finding the solution involved identifying a number of obscure references on the Internet and recognizing three different clues relating to movies filmed in Savannah.

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