Dateline Oct. 17, 2002: ABC Blows Wrap Up of Push, Nevada

April 29th, 2009

ABC made two major changes to the rules to accommodate the shortened scheduled. First, the final six clues will be listed with the final episode. Second, ABC now allows disclosure of clues solely on the Internet if they so choose.

I, for one, think the changes really stink.

The revised rules on the ABC Push Rules Page are finally available and the way it is being handled is completely insulting to anyone who has invested time in the game.

The change allowing clues to be published on the Internet or other media is pretty big and could easily allow the game to be resolved suitably. All ABC would need to do is extend the time limit for the final solve from 7 days to a time sufficient to let players discover the six missing clues. They then use their existing web properties to wrap up the game and give everyone a bit of closure.

Instead, they’ve decided to hand the missing clues out to everyone. No mystery, no pretense, no chance for fun. If I wanted a game like this, I’d be playing Blue’s Clues along with my four year old daughter.

It’s bad enough they’ve been spoonfeeding the clues in each episode. Now, with the remaining clues being handed out, I feel the entire time I’ve spent has been wasted. Someone with 15 minutes on their hands can easily obtain the clues from the broadcasts just by perusing message boards and the winner may as well be selected by sweepstakes instead of pretending we have a game of skill.

My vote: Two thumbs down. The thrill of the chase is gone. I think Live Planet and ABC have a lot to learn before they jump into any similar ventures.

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