Dateline Oct. 9, 2002: offers domain anonymity

April 29th, 2009 has patented technology and created a sister company to provide anonymous registrations for Domain Name registrants. This new service will allow PuppetMasters to register domains without violating terms of use with their registrar yet not reveal their identities or contact information.

This innovative service,, offers complete anonymity to webmasters by substituting the registration information with contact information from DBP. The webmaster legally retains complete control of their website while transferring ownership to domainsbyproxy. You can see an example of how this looks here.

Domains By Proxy not only hides your identity, they also provide a private email address that can be set to forward, block or filter messages at your option.

Although you legally transfer ownership of your domain, you retain all rights to use, sell, transfer, maintain DNS, and resolve domain disputes. Your identity remains anonymous so long as you aren’t engaging in illegal activity or subject to a subpoena requiring disclosure.

Spammers, hate site operators, pornographers, and scam artists need not apply.

For PuppetMasters that want to preserve their privacy and provide a better barrier between players and cast, this looks like one service worth engaging. Pricing is only $6 per domain per year on top of your existing domain fees. Your domain must be registered with but you can transfer existing domains to use this service.

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