Dateline Oct. 8, 2002: Completes Site Upgrade

April 29th, 2009

Last night, we upgraded to PHPNuke 6.0 and the latest phpBB forum. Both modules are completely integrated and a single registration gives you access to both our message boards and the main website.

Our goal here at is just a little bit different from other ARG related sites.’, ‘At the present time, we don’t have any plans to host game specific forums. That niche seems quite full at the moment. ;-)

What you will see, is the latest news on anything relevant to Alternate Reality Gaming and cross-genre projects between traditional media and the gaming community.

As the administrator of the site, I would like to welcome all of our guests and encourage you to register. Registration is free and we don’t currently accept commercial advertising.

Over the coming months, I plan to greatly enhance the resource sections for both players and PuppetMasters, provide space for objective and balanced discussion, and do whatever I can to promote independent ARG productions.

Feel free to drop me a line or even submit your comments, articles and thoughts. If there is anything I can do to make a welcome place for newbies and oldtimers, let me know.

Bill Shaw

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