Dateline Oct. 4, 2002: Has Toyota dropped their Push, Nevada sponsorship?

April 28th, 2009

All references to Toyota and Toyota of Push are now gone from the websites associated with the game for ABC’s Push, Nevada. Also, Toyota’s Push Dealership promo site for the game now automatically redirects visitors to the main Toyota website.

The first change was noticed late afternoon of October 3rd when the site started automatically forwarding visitors to

Later in the evening of the 3rd, the main Push Times website removed the advertising links for Toyota. The change was made as part of the regular update that occurs after each episode airs on Thursday nights.

Today, the other main site, the Push Chamber of Commerce, was updated to remove references to Toyota. This change was noticed first around 6:15 P.M. ET.

No official word or press releases have been issued from either ABC or Toyota. It is pretty common knowledge that ABC is having a difficult time attaining the ratings they anticipated for Push. Last nights numbers, according to Zap2It were 3.2/5 which is substantially lower than many other shows canceled by ABC in the past.

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