Dateline Oct 1, 2002: Can Push go the distance or even make it to Halloween?

December 14th, 2007

According to the LA Times, Push, Nevada is on really shaky ground and may be cancelled after Episode 4.

According to the article [] (free registration required),

. . . the network already faces some serious problems. The interactive drama “Push, Nevada” may top that list, plummeting 45% from the previous week against CBS and NBC’s Thursday heavyweights.ABC officials have said the program will run at least one more time but haven’t committed beyond that.

It is unclear how ABC will handle the prize of $1,045,000 that was to be awarded at the end of the series to a single viewer. The rules of their promotion allow them to accelerate the clues or reconstitute the game in a different format to award the prize.

Whether this means the game would become strictly web-based or simply shortened in some manner is unclear.

What is clear is that ABC took a huge risk with the show by putting it against blockbusters like CSI and NBC’s Must See TV. CSI reportedly exceeded 30 million viewers for the first time with their season opener and NBC also posted strong numbers.

According to Newsday […], ABC is also considering re-airing the show on sister cable channel ABC Family or moving the show to completely to cable.

ABC has locked in some big sponsors and might have an alternate agenda in this grand experiment, so the likelihood of cancellation is probably less certain than for a traditional show. Only time will tell.

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