Dateline Sep 24, 2002: Collective Detective Opens Announces free, unlimited access to Second State Case

December 14th, 2007

Today, Collective Detective announced that they are providing unlimited access to the Second State Case for all registered users, regardless of status.

In an unprecedented move, the administration for Collective Detective has agreed to allow all members of their service to use the full functionality of the site in the search for Ed Sobian.

Both rookie (free) users and Detectives will have unlimited access to the Second State Case, including the Evidence Trail, File Archive, and Message Boards.

Second State is an alternate reality game centered around the search for Ed Sobian. Access to the primary characters and prizes will be limited to paying players regisstered through search4e but there are a number of free message boards that anyone can use to follow the story as it develops.

Collective Detective, which bills itself as the premier Distributed Investigative Environment has already registered over 600 members in it’s first month of operation. It is the first system created solely for the genre of Alternate Reality Gaming.

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