Dateline Sep 12, 2002: Push, Nevada brings first live website online

December 13th, 2007

Sometime this evening, Live Planet, the PM’s for Push, Nevada brought their first official website online at

The site is dramatically different from the site originally posted last month and first discovered by members of argn.

The first public post announcing the site was made by indigoskies on ARGN in this thread. Members of both ARGN and Collective Detective quickly jumped on the site and the investigation officially began.

Push, Nevada is a unique television show airing on ABC Television and slated to go against CSI and NBC’s Must See TV on Thursday nights.

Push is unique because it merges Internet content with broadcast television in a mass treasure hunt for a reported $1.2 million. Clues will appear both on the Internet and on the show. It is also expected that sponsor tie-ins will allow for additional clues to be found by participating in the advertising sponsor promotions.

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