Dateline Sep 8, 2002: Change Agents Goes Out With A Bang!

December 13th, 2007

Actually, nine of them. In the culmination of over three months of gameplay, the world has been made safe by the destruction of all nine Global Order locations worldwide.

Change Agents included at least fifteen in-game websites, numerous live phone numbers, and an unbelievable amount of graphical and flash content. The remarkable point is that the entire game was created and executed by a single person.

Dave Szulborski, a musician from Pennsylvania, was the mastermind behind this entire adventure.

Mr. Szulborski, known in ARG circles as Cabalagent23, wrote, “As the game
developed I was limited by several factors that prevented me executing the story
as originally scripted and designed, primarily the relatively small number of
players we had consistently throughout the game. As it turns out, though, it may
have been for the best because too many more people would have excluded the
personalization I tried to do on most messages and interactions and larger
numbers probably would have made the almost daily updates or activity impossible
over the long run.”

Cabalagent23 goes on to say, “While part of my motivation is of course to read people’s opinions of what I accomplished, I’m also sincerely interested in letting people know that well-done, interesting and FREE campaigns like this can still be pulled off independently, without sponsorship or ‘admission fees.’ I don’t buy into the belief that pay-per-play games or pay-per-view forums are necessarily our only alternative for the future.”

The full text of Dave’s email can be viewed at

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