Dateline Feb. 19, 2003: Geeks Without Borders

December 2nd, 2010

The flood of favorable press for the ARG community continues! MSN picked up a story yesterday for their “Inside the Internet” column on Slate. The columnist promptly received a mysterious phone call.

Columnist Steven Johnson published an article yesterday that specifically plugged both [] and [ L3]. The article, entitled Geeks Without Borders was published on the MSN ‘zine Slate.

Johnson writes, “Most forms of entertainment are defined by their edges: the outline of the Monopoly board or the dimensions of a movie screen. To enter the world of the game or the story, you enter a confined space, set off from the real world. Play-space doesn’t overlap with ordinary space. But Go and L3 don’t play by those rules. Go colonizes an entire city for its playing field; L3 colonizes the entire Web. These are games without frontiers.”

It seems that soon after the article was published, Mr. Johnson received a phone call from Stephen Lake! According to Mr. Johnson, “It was a little spooky, to say the least, though the guy was perfectly friendly on the phone. He had one addition to the piece: he’s not calling L3 a work of immersive media or pervase [sic] gaming; it’s a ‘collective gaming experience.’ Sounds fine to me.”

These brief mentions are the latest in a slew of favorable articles focusing on the genre of alternate reality gaming. Steve Peters, of ARGN, posted a list of other articles at Unfiction.

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