Dateline Feb. 5, 2003: Search4e is Back and Flush With Cash

June 4th, 2010

The story, posted to Unfiction by konamouse, summarizes the recent events in the restart of Search4e. It seems to be back and players have received everything from ATM cards to phone calls.

Konamouse posted the following update to Unfiction:

If you are an investigator in the Search for Ed, or looking to solve a mystery and puzzles, is up and running after a few financial setbacks in November (at the time we were notified of the mysterious death of the Publisher of True Crime Press, Owen McCleey).Recently there have been some significant developments:

A number of investigators received packages that previously had been held at Postoffice Boxes Etc for people who many have been members of a Knights Guild. These packages had clues that reminded us of a fax number we had gotten thru some crazy emails earlier, and sent us to a new website -

When the correct data was entered into the survey page (there were clues to that from the Wolford pantyhose manufacturer’s website and within the source code of the survey page itself) we found this interesting site - [ (now a link spammer)] which points us to a radio station 99.1KOTW (Knights Of The Web) and gave us a headache translating the Finnish language.

A mysterious letter arrived at another investigator’s home, with an ATM card and a dollar bill that clued him into the pin for the card, and further points to a radio station web site - []

At the radio station site we can hear two of the three sound files, the first one is missing some files. Come to the community forum at Search4E to see the results of the wave file clue (it turned out to be a phone number that had a voice mail message from KOTW). I left a message last week and last night received a phone call in response - the clues from the phone call help us solve the puzzle from the above website and input the correct code in the KIBS box in the middle of the Union Station picture.

Now we have ATM applications we can fill out and submit (can we find the POB for this company?) and tiny little more background information on some of the characters ingame.

Anyway, didn’t know if any of you in ARG were playing or not. But if you were before, please come back and help us keep moving forward.
If you weren’t playing before, come on in, read the beta puzzles solves and the background mystery (lots of info in the dot con forum, same navigation as in unforum) and help find Ed.

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