Dateline Feb. 4, 2003: Alias Sleeper ARG Launches

June 4th, 2010

No one knows if it’s a fan inspired piece or the real thing, but a number of members of the Alias Game Community received emails leading them to a couple of puzzles and websites.

My vote is that the game was created by an Alias fan rather than Rulerfrog or his minions, but we might be surprised.

The trailhead was a email similar to the one received by Zephyr_hex

I found a site you might be interested in. It’s only for clever
people. Some one I know by reputation only puts important messages
on it.

[] is this website.
The three words that will lead the way are: Secret A _
Use those to get to the door.
What did Bach tell you to do? That is the key word to open the door.
The pictureless caption will give you an idea.
This is for everyone, not just those Miz Martinez mentioned.

Equi_Design has already begun [ a most excellent trail] of information.

So far, the game is being conducted solely on free resources such as Yahoo and Hotmail, but the PM has kept good contact with the players, so I really hope the game has legs. (Note to PM: If you need ad-free hosting, send a request.)

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