Dateline Sep 6, 2002: Second State Press Release

December 13th, 2007

Yesterday, Second State issued the following press release announcing the search for Ed Sobian.

To date, investigators congregating at ARGN have been playing the game as a beta test for the actual production.

Second State is currently the longest running Alternate Reality Game and is scheduled to go live later this month.

Contact: Heather Hawkins
True Crime Press
(212) 966-2500 ext. 334

Online Investigators Discover Valuable Artifacts in Search For Ed Sobian

NEW YORK, NY—(September 5, 2002) During the course of an investigation into the disappearance of Ed Sobian, missing since September 7, 2001, from Brueggertown, PA, three online investigators affiliated with discovered valuable artifacts left in a safe deposit box at the Banco Isla Hellaborus. It is unclear at this time how these discoveries- a set of antique keys, an 19th Century book on Celtic Druids and two ancient coins (one from Jerusalem, minted in 66AD, and the other dated from the time of the Crusades)- figure into the mystery surrounding where- or even who- Sobian is.

Since April 2002, True Crime Press, in cooperation with one of its authors and Sobian’s neighbor, James Pitt, has enlisted the assistance of hundreds of Internet users through the website Sobian is a computer security specialist who was investigating a “clandestine world-wide conspiracy” prior to his disappearance under suspicious circumstances. It is known that, before his disappearance, Sobian successfully transferred $666,000 from Banco Hellaborus into his own account. The recent discoveries by amateur investigators seem to indicate that there may be more items of undetermined worth still waiting to be found.

“It’s been an amazing journey uncovering E’s involvement with mysterious, underground groups, poring over top-secret documents, and speculating about the meaning of it all with the community,” said Paula Jakobs of Austin, who was the first to discover artifacts in the course of the search. “People have been offering me good money for the set of antique keys and I won’t be able to sleep a wink until I find out what it unlocks.”

“Throughout my investigation, I have found myself intrigued with Ed Sobian’s plight,” said Bradley Sands of Phoenixville, PA, following his August 29 discovery of an 1829 book entitled The Celtic Druids by Godfrey Higgins, valued at more than $750. “I feel that I will soon discover the truth. I certainly hope so considering I have an ominous feeling that [the responsible parties] are watching me from outside my bedroom window.”

“I was thrilled to be part of the search for E even before I located the coins. I’m amazed by the how much information I’ve already uncovered and I can only imagine where it will
all lead.,” said Bill Shaw, who retrieved the ancient coins, valued at more than $3000, on August 30. “I suspect that what we have found so far is just the tip of the iceberg.”

In an effort to facilitate the thousands of would-be investigators and treasure hunters flocking to the website, True Crime Press will be re-launching the site on September 15. Starting October 1, the vast resources True Crime Press has compiled on the case will be made available to all participants for a small monthly fee to help defray the mounting costs of the investigation.

About True Crime Press:
True Crime Press was founded in 1998 by Owen G. McCleery, who wanted to ensure other True Crime buffs would have access to out-of-print books. Maintaining a headquarters in Oklahoma City and a satellite office in New York, True Crime Press is working to license previously-released works in the True Crime genre, as well as publish new works. True Crime Press is also spearheading the hunt for Ed Sobian, and offers a comprehensive database of evidence on the case, located at


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