Dateline Jan. 15, 2003: A Busy Day in the World of ARG

June 1st, 2010

Wow! Three games / games-to-be update on the same day. When it rains it pours. Check out the latest facts, spec and rumors.

It’s like the grand convergence, but not. It’s like the A.I. game, but not. It’s a conspiracy — or not. Wait, it’s the world of Alternate Reality Gaming.

Our list of games and hopefuls is woefully short and the level recent activity has been minimal, if not outright disappointing. So I was naturally amazed and delighted to find out that there is activity in three different campaigns!

First out of the block, we learn that TerraQuest brought a [ new website] live. The law firm of Knight, Bishop, and Castle handles estate planning and probate.

The next find was an updated flash at []. SHC, a Push, Nevada fan site by the PM for [], a highly anticipated game expected to start at any time. Spacebass of Unfiction, noticed the change while the updates were in progress and captured three different flash files that came and went in rapid succession.

The final game (I assume it is or will be a game) is the cryptic L3. A new link appeared on [] taking players to the website for [ New River University]. The NRU site looks pretty extensive, has a ton of symbology, faculty, and content. Guesses about it were all over the map in chat. The relationship between NRU and L3 seems to be that Stephen Lake was a guest speaker at NRU. On a side note, I was informed that the rot decrypter at flywheel has been down for a few weeks, so I took a breather and programmed one in mIRCscript. If you are in Chat and see Bill logged in you can run it by typing

!rot x string where x is 0-25 and string is the text you want decoded.

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