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Dateline Dec. 8, 2002: Chat Transcript with Push, Nevada’s PM Doug TenNapel

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Unfiction, in cooperation with ARGN hosted a chat with the main PuppetMaster and Puzzle creator for Push, Nevada. The PM, Doug TenNapel covered a lot of ground and announced his next project.

The chat:
SpaceBass welcome Doug
TenNapel I’m here
TenNapel Hi I’m Doug TenNapel, I created the puzzles for Push Nevada
SpaceBass Before we start repeating people, I have a list of questions from those who weren’t able to make the chat
SpaceBass First of all, I’d like to welcome Doug TenNapel and thank him for taking the time to come out and chat with us. We really appreciate any opportunity to pick the brain of a puppetmaster.
TenNapel Yeah! glad to be here.
SpaceBass Before we start taking questions from the audience, I’ll start out with one question that I know a lot of people want answered, and then we’ll start voicing people to ask their own questions.
SpaceBass So, to start: What is the connection between NoahBoddy and Push, NV?
TenNapel Wow, I’m not gonna know a lot of that suff…
TenNapel …Push was separated between fiction and real world puzzle…
TenNapel If there was a connection, it would go in after the fact probably by our web content guy Steve Edwards…
TenNapel …Noah was a plant that we could control…
TenNapel … bleed out clues and keep track of our most “dangerous” audience members.
SpaceBass Let me follow-up quickly..if Noah was a plant, does that mean the NoahBoddy game that started after Push ended is indeed run by people who were involved with Push?
TenNapel I don’t know. I know that we had plants we control but I couldn’t keep track of who was real and who was not…
TenNapel …if he was or was not a plant, it wouldn’t surprize me!
TenNapel …that may sound like a lame answer…
TenNapel …but after a while the Push production got huge I didn’t always know what one arm of the production was doing. Next?
SpaceBass Okay, thanks. Let’s go to the audience. Our first questioner is Push.
TenNapel I like your name already.
Push Doug, will there be a DVD set of Push?
TenNapel I have no idea. I know that the Exec producer Sean Baily was talking about it so who knows. As the puzzle guy, I wouldn’t necessarily be involved with that unless it was to create new puzzles or remove old puzzles from the set. Next?
Push Was your delay last weekend caused by Watermark?
TenNapel Push, Good ONE!…
TenNapel …my delay last weekend was caused by my own incompetence… so I blame Watermark! Next?
Tien_Le Welcome, Doug, thanks for joining us. Who was Enoch? and followup…who were Enoch’s ‘contacts’?
TenNapel Hmmm this is going to be difficult…
TenNapel …it’s like Shatner at a Star Trek convention…
vpisteve heh
TenNapel …I’m not perfectly familiar with the drama of Push so try to question me about the puzzle work. They really are separate parts of the show…
TenNapel …I know some things about the narrative but I tried to stick close to weaving puzzles into the show. Next?
vpisteve can you explain in a little more detail your role, just so folks are clear on exactly what your contribution to everything was
TenNapel Sure…
vpisteve how did it all work for you?
TenNapel I was involved with the very start of the show…
TenNapel …like the week after Ben and Sean pitched Push to ABC I was meeting with Sean…
TenNapel …I helped craft some of the elements of the pilot and the overall arc of the season…
TenNapel …but once we got going I left working on the dramatic elements of the show…
TenNapel … they brought in writers and directors to do that…
TenNapel …I had worked on Push for 1.5 years BEFORE prodtuction started…
vpisteve wow
TenNapel …so I had a ton of puzzle notes to craft. That’s me. I created the puzzles FOR THE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE ONLY…
TenNapel …the dramatic puzzles (non-prize money stuff in the mystery of the show) was primarily handled by Sean Baily and Steve Edwards…
TenNapel …Edwards and I shared an office at the studio so we worked together a lot, towards the end he was helping me with a lot of puzzle stuff.
catherwood was the web interactivity side of things restricted by the goals of TV group and their “game integration team” on what could and could not happen beyond the show and the $million game?
TenNapel Wow…
TenNapel …the drama of the TV restricted everything.
TenNapel …push had to work as good TV first…
TenNapel …so there were lots of web ideas and puzzle ideas we had that just couldn’t be done because it was too intrusive or required too much work that sucked away from the TV show…
TenNapel … further, lawyers…
TenNapel …need I say more?
the42guy How did the final solve [”vongilnail”] due to cancellation differ from the original solve? Follow up: Do you think if Push had been scheduled on a different night (it was against “CSI”), it might have survived?
TenNapel … good questions…
TenNapel …I always knew that vongilnail would be the final answer…
TenNapel … We had cleared 10 different phone numbers from 10 locations under different names to make sure they couldn’t get traced back to LivePlanet…
TenNapel …I had hoped that Von Gil Nail could be worked into the narrative of the show so I presented the name to Sean Baily…
TenNapel … it was too late to create the character but we knew that name would come down the pipe, when the series got canned we just had to incorporate the clues from the cancelled shows into the last episode…
TenNapel …it was kind of an exciting challenge!…
the42guy yah, that was an interesting ending. :)
TenNapel …I love solving puzzles and this was a real life puzzle to solve…
TenNapel …I dont think Push would have survived…
TenNapel …it’s the wrong show at the wrong time in life…
TenNapel …perhaps another season or HBO or a feature would have worked but I personally don’t blame CSI on our troubles. Next
Diandra I noticed that some of the puzzles in Push (for example the touch-tone dialing puzzle and the puzzle to remove the static from the audio clips) were very similar to puzzles in Majestic. Were any of the same people involved in both ventures…or was it merely coincidence? If it was coincidence, were you (at some point) aware of the similarities?
TenNapel …I know that we all liked the idea of Majestic…
TenNapel … and perhaps Majestic tanking would have been an omen for us to listen to…
TenNapel … but I don’t recall having that kind of direct contact with any of the Majestic developers…
TenNapel …those are pretty common game/puzzle elements so I doubt there’s any deliberate borrowing.
Curlay Are the scripts actually written for the ‘rest of the season’, and/or are the shows produced?
Curlay I know you said mostly the puzzle end
TenNapel The scripts were written through like 11 episodes…
Curlay Out of how many? 15, were there?
TenNapel We produced 2 episodes that were not shown I think. Next?
kingohugs Some of the web “only” stuff was quite entertaining, and seemed to promise some great story line material…if the show had lasted, was there talk of seeing things like the Skate Park or RoadRunners brought into the TV plot late in the season or in the (ideally) following season?
TenNapel There were originally 13 episodes…
TenNapel We were always looking for ways to intermingle fantasy elements with real life elements…
TenNapel …I’m not sure what would have happened but we were always borrowing stuff from each other. Next?
imbri What were the expectations for the online element and were you overwhelmed/underwhelmed by the internet response? After the experience is there anything that you would do differently? What and how?
TenNapel Underwhelmed on all accounts…
TenNapel …I’m not sure how to fix whatever went wrong, I think only time will allow us the opportunity to take another crack at blending TV with internet…
TenNapel …we were just too early for this kind of thing on a broad general audience basis. Next?
Gupfee I was wondering if there were more plans for underused elements like that didn’t get implemented because of the show’s early cancellation?
Gupfee and the follow-up would be what was the best thing we never saw?
TenNapel There are no plans I’m aware of to implement anything now…
Gupfee not now, during the run of the show, I meant
TenNapel …perhaps if the show got big we would have tapped more stuff we planted in the show earlier.
TenNapel …The best thing…
TenNapel …you never saw the show parts where Jim Prufrock takes down Push…
Gupfee can you elaborate on that?
TenNapel …the scripts had him utterly dismantel the town and the remnants were burned to the ground!
TenNapel …during the run of the show…
TenNapel …you missed seeing all of the fun we had making the thing!
TenNapel …great crew, I grew to love those people. Good people.
Tien_Le what was going to be the clue for ‘underwear’? And why was Peter Pan a clue?
TenNapel …good one
TenNapel …Underwear was me having fun…
Tien_Le so we weren’t going to see all the Push characters in their skiveys?
TenNapel … it was a pun where one of the characters says, “The money’s under the bed.” and another character bends down to look under the bed (and there is no money there but he is showing his underwear) and the character says, “Under Where?!”…
SpaceBass lol
Tien_Le LOL
TenNapel …Peter Pan was our clue that Disney/ABC was a bit involved with Watermark…
TenNapel …The reason why Push was aired on ABC, owned by Disney was because perhaps Watermark owned every TV network…
Tien_Le thank you
TenNapel …I think we already did see all of the Push characters in their skivies!
the42guy 3 follow ups: So if the DVD is made, is it possible to see the unaired eps or read unaired scripts? So Jim, at home, - how did he figure out he was still being manipulated and go back to Push? And was the final clue originally going to air during Mondey Night football?
TenNapel I would think that the unaried eps would be included in the DVD release. I know there’s still some tidy-up work to do on those eps but the hard part is done on those episodes….
TenNapel …Jim figured it out when everything was too perfect…
TenNapel …His auditor instincts kicked in when his own life looked like a classic set-up…
TenNapel …yes the original clue was going to be aired during MNF…
the42guy whats the % chance of a DVD anyhow? And will it be announced if made… I noticed the book seems to have been cancelled.
TenNapel …We had to have a national simulcast to fairly disperse the last clue of the show to all timezones!…
the42guy aah.
TenNapel …I have no idea about the DVD. I’m sure if it gets made they will tell everyone they can about it!…Next?
kingohugs How much monitoring of the Internet groups, BESIDES the Enoch Yahoo group did you conduct? And as a follow up: Where you surprised by what you saw? Any outlandish speculation in terms of overall plot or individual puzzles that stuck out in your mind?
TenNapel …We looked at as many groups as possible…
TenNapel …I didn’t really care what specifically was being discussed, I just wanted to make sure that at least some people were getting my puzzles!…
TenNapel …my fear was that I had made all of these puzzles and nobody would get it! Next?
SpaceBass I have some questions from people who couldn’t make it today.
SpaceBass kxmom11x asked: Were there any specific events that changed or altered the course of the game? (excluding cancellation, of course) From the PM’s point of view, what was the most memorable event of the show/game?
TenNapel …nothing really changed the course of the game other that the lawyers…
TenNapel …it’s very difficult to make a “legally fair” game when there are so many different kinds of people creating different kinds of law suits…
TenNapel …Truly our litigous society ruined the puzzles the most…
vpisteve :(
TenNapel …As I said the most memorable event was working with this incredible crew around the clock… next?
SpaceBass Yux asked: Did the holes punched into the bible work much like a piano roll?
TenNapel …I think so, it was a special kind of card reading machine that would convert the Bible code into a codebreaker that implicated Watermark or something. Next?
catherwood (flups to the message boards question)-is this how you found out that the large flash header image on enochpushdialectic needed to be replaced with a static image? did it disturb you to read about people using Flash decompilers to find flaws with the hidden morse code in the headers? (flup) did you see people inventing puzzles which never existed? Or missing puzzles that were too well hidden?
TenNapel …I didn’t catch the flash stuff…
TenNapel …didn’t really care too much about what people invented or didn’t get (though there was a LOT of inventing!)…
TenNapel …I was only concerned that the “core” players were following my puzzles. They followed just fine so I was satisfied with that part of the show. Next?
Push 3 follow ups: What did you think of Derek Cecil’s performance of Jim , What was the hardest puzzle you crafted, and What sort of puzzles did you hide in the opening titles of the show?
TenNapel I like Derek as Jim…
TenNapel …it wasn’t what I’d expected, but he was a fresh face with a fresh take on the character…
TenNapel …toward the end I couldn’t imagine another kind of Jim, Derek owned that character…
TenNapel …the hardest ones usually went by so fast that I thought someone would have to tape it to get it. I didn’t want this show to only possibly be won buy a guy with TIVO…
TenNapel …I tended to only hide word or heavily graphic images in the title. If it was too hard for production to cram into the shoot that week it probably went into the credits. Next?
Diandra Were any of the additional puzzles for the unaired episodes created? If so, will we ever get to see them? If not, can you describe those we missed?
TenNapel There were tons of puzzles that were created that didn’t make it into the show and others that didnt make it due to the cancellation…
Diandra by “ever get to see them”…do you think they would be included on the DVD?
TenNapel …You will never see those puzzles. They are probably too long and complicated to share here…
TenNapel …I doubt if they will be on the DVD unless they include my sketchbook (could happen)…
TenNapel …one funny clue I came up with…
TenNapel …was for the work “longitude”…
TenNapel …it just had an old man wearing a T-Shirt that read, “I’m width stupid”. Next?
jamesi hey there… do you have any plans to get involved with a web-based campaign or game of some sort?
vpisteve heh
TenNapel No plans…
TenNapel …I’m always consulting in the games industry but I prefer my work on the drama side of things. Can I plug my project?
SpaceBass feel free
SpaceBass What about “Gear”?
TenNapel I wrote a graphic novel called Creature Tech that New Regency picked up as a live action movie!
TenNapel …I’m writing the script…
vpisteve i do have an absentee creature tech question
TenNapel …everyone go buy the Creature Tech Graphic Novel on Amazon…
TenNapel GEAR is being made at Nickelodeon…
TenNapel …I’m working on the pilot…
vpisteve from Liqidcrack: Congratulations on the CreatureTech deal can you give us any more information? And will there be a followup to CreatureTech?
TenNapel I’m writing the C-Tech script…
TenNapel …I submitted the outline and it is APPROVED!…
TenNapel …I’m putting the final touches on the rough draft and getting ready to submit…
TenNapel …I don’t know if there’ll be a follow up to C-Tech, I gotta time my comics very carefully since they are so time consuming…
TenNapel …there are definitely more Creature Tech stories in me but it takes a long time to tell them. Next?
vpisteve how’re you doing on time? got time for a few more questions?
TenNapel I’ll take 3 more questions.
vpisteve what was the original pushtimes site? and will you forgive us for finding it too soon? :)
TenNapel We always wanted people to find Pushtimes…
TenNapel …those of you who found it early where a great confirmation that our evil plan was operational!. Next?
vpisteve heh
SpaceBass I have a few absentee questions from another player
SpaceBass ngajengai asked: Did the number 10623 refer to the date of Ernie Padgett’s unassisted triple play on 10/6/23 and if so, was it a point of reference of some kind? Were the characters using baseball gestures to signal information to the audience? Because I think I could see them, but couldn’t put together the system… Also, I think I also recognized some ASL and some finger-spelling… Am I out in left field with these questions?
TenNapel There was some sign language going on but I don’t remember much of it getting into the show…
TenNapel …I don’t know anything about baseball so I doubt if that stuff was there. Next?
kingohugs With the use of Bodnick as a late episode clue, can we gather that he was not dead? How was he to be Hinted at?
TenNapel We thought of bringing him back, but I mostly wanted to use his name as a tribute to the character. There was a chance that he would survive but I;m not sure…Last question please!
Tien_Le was the number 47 used specially in each episode
TenNapel No. Hey gang, in closing, Wasn’t it great that Mark Nakamoto won a million bucks without having to eat any bugs?!
SpaceBass lol
vpisteve heh
imbri heh
TenNapel Thanks gang
SpaceBass Thanks again for taking the time out for us Doug.
jamesi thanks to you
SpaceBass And good luck with Creature Tech!
TenNapel I gotta go now. Thanks especially to Steve for your patience
SpaceBass I’m heading to Amazon right now ;)
vpisteve yeah doug. thanks so much
Gupfee Come back and visit any time!
TenNapel YEehaw! Go TECH!

Dateline Dec. 5, 2002: New Game? Experience It!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

If it looks like an immersive game, if it feels like an immersive game, if it sounds like an immersive game — it must be an immersive game! Maybe.

We have all the elements, we have a trailhead, we even have a realworld element at some dive in Boise, Idaho (right??). The basic plot is an AWOL inventor, his creation, The Experience, and a bit of intrigue.

Granted the PM had an awkward start shilling the game at Unforums, but what the hey, when someone shows me the “right” way to launch an ARG, I’ll write an article!

The first few parts take a page from the Alias 2.0 playbook. It’s pure scavenger hunt. We are left with a, ahem, player conveniently near the pub to retrieve whatever from Maurice.

The game has a definite homegrown feel to it, but if it manages to transcend Boise, I think it will be fun to watch.

(Psst, hey Jeff! Call me, let’s do lunch!)

Trailhead: []

Dateline Dec. 4, 2002: Search4e. Some good news

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Necessitas from Collective Detective managed another scoop in the world of Search4e. This time, she bears some good news.

CD Exclusive #2:

The situation is as we expected, the Search4E project is in financial crisis. I have been assured that Search4E is not over, and they are as interested as ever in continuing the story they set out to tell. Updates will continue as they are able.
However, for the time being, Search4Ed has turned into Search4Money. They have learned that their present revenue model is not working, and they are trying to plan new revenue streams, and find new financing.Going forward:

They will be refunding subscription fees. This is not because the game is over, they insist that it is not. This is simply a good faith gesture. They will continue as a free game until they are able to realize a more stable revenue model. They are still working out the logistics of the refund.

They would like to organize an open chat with the players, and explain the situation. Collective Detective is helping to arrange this for them. Watch this space for updates.

The developers of Search4E are still as interested as ever in continuing the project. It is my opinion that, as they have been in the midst of this financial crisis, they lost sight of the eroding player support. In any case, they are still enthusiastic about the search, and hope the players will remain so, as well.

We are working hard to liaise with Second State on the player’s behalf, and will keep you all posted as updates come in.

(Quoted with permission)

The good news, refunds for all. Plus the PMs are trying to regroup and move forward. I’m sure the experience will be different than what the players have come to expect, but a changed game is better than no game.The players have already voiced their [ opinions] about where the focus should be. When asked, “What’s most important to you in a good immersive/arg type game?”:

  • 50% voted for the story
  • 32% requested character interaction
  • 17% valued the puzzles

The poll didn’t allow ranked votes, so everyone picked their top priority. Although prizes was listed as a choice, no one felt the prizes were the first priority.

What remains a mystery (other than Ed’s whereabouts) is what the PMs plan to do and when things are expected to turn around. Hopefully, the planned chat at will let the players air their issues and the PMs will respond appropriately in a timely fashion.

Dateline Dec. 3, 2002: Chasing the Wish Registration is Live

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

We’re one step closer to the chase! Registration is [ live] with options for a fully immersive game or the same game with limited immersion. The most immersive option is Full Contact which extends beyond the Internet. Players should be prepared to accept phone calls, packages, letters, instant messages, faxes, and more as part of the game and story. The CTW [ Privacy Policy] addresses privacy concerns. Your information remains within the game and contact will always be professional and at reasonable hours.

The other option is for Limited Contact. All that is required is your email address and contact is limited to email only. This option provides the most privacy but will limit access to portions of the game.

Chasing the Wish is scheduled to kick off in about a month and promises to be a bright light in independently developed immersive gaming. Pre-registered players got a taste of what’s in store for them over the holiday weekend in the pre-game mini-quest which launched and was solved on Nov. 30, 2002.

The game is the creation of Dave Szulborski, solo PuppetMaster for Change Agents: Out of Control, a successful Alternate Reality Game that ran earlier this year. The current venture will not be a solo effort, but the other PMs remain firmly behind the curtain at this time.

Dateline Dec. 3, 2002: Search4e Death Spiral

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Necessitas at Collective Detective got the inside scoop on Search4e. The bad news - their major funding source has pulled out. The good news - um, we’re still trying to find it.

Collective Detective Exclusive: (Republished with permission)

[Holly] spoke to Steve Masarsky today, he is no longer involved with search4e. In fact, he indicates that his role was just to loan money to the project. According to the Second State website, he is listed as a PM, so obviously this is not the case. Also, from all of our dealings with them, and from his introduction, we were led to believe that he was the lead man on the project. Something is quite amiss there. That notwithstanding, congrats to Steve. He will be pursuing personal interests including going back to school to study something in the Humanities field. Go Steve.Steve advised that he could provide me no information regarding the future of the project, as he has been somewhat out of the loop for some time now. He referred me to Waldemar “Korzen” Korzeniowsky, who according to Steve “still keeps an office” at Steve’s NY location. Korzen was unavailable for comment.

Next stop, the PR firm who was handling s4e. Seems that they are no longer handling the account, and have not been for over a month.

So in answer to the question of why you all are being contacted by the CTO on dotconnectors instead of a manager? We do not know. I will continue my fact finding mission tomorrow, and I promise you all that CD will get to the bottom of this.

Where does this leave the players? A late post by someone claiming to be the CTO for Second State was posted on the [ s4e message board] stating that there is information that needs to be communicated. His status is unconfirmed.Players who are also active on that board are up in arms about the lack of progress and attention given to the game in the last few weeks. Most of the in-game characters are AWOL and the most recent scheduled event seems to have been a no-show.Some of the more vocal players have called the question with the PuppetMasters resulting in an update of sorts. Jeremy, lead investigator for the game, send a message to all players that the player base needs to quadruple by Christmas. The message, however veiled, was clear. Not enough people have registered and the game is teetering on the edge. Given the recent withdrawal of Steve Massarsky, a partner in the venture, and his financial backing, the players have been asked to actively recruit new members to help fund the game. Needless to say, the reaction was not positive.

A number of the players posted their thoughts at Dashcat, one of the paying members posts, “I have to agree with Beth. I wouldn’t recommend this ’search’, in it’s present form, to anyone. Even if I were inclined to become a salesperson for your game I would need something to work with, such as a game.

Hmm, there’s a thought!

Dateline Dec. 2, 2002: This Weekend in ARG: Past, Present and Future

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I guess someone forgot to tell the PM’s we are having a big holiday with nonstop football in the U.S. Our buddies at Noah Boddy took the time off, just about everyone else has been going gangbusters!

Past: Remember Push, Nevada? Doug TenNapel joins the fans online at #unfiction. He was one of the main puzzle developers for Push and tells all in this moderated Q&A.

Present: the jadedmedia experience launched today as well. Free registration required to play.

Future: Chasing the Wish launched their pre-launch Mini-Quest yesterday. You can get the full details at [].

MIA: Search4e disappointed yesterday when the anticipated gate opening failed to materialize at [ Banco Isla Helleborus]. Players are befuddled and bemused.

Dateline Nov. 30, 2002: Chasing The Wish: Mini-Quest Set to launch

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Chasing The Wish has released further details about the mini-Quest scheduled to launch on November 30, 2002. The first four winners will be receive, along with bragging rights, suitably branded CTW swag. The [ rules and information] about the mini-quest, which begins promptly at 4:00 P.M. EST, are now online at the [ Chasing The Wish website].

The rules:

(1) Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest is a free online game with puzzle elements scheduled to begin at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday November 30th, 2002.(2) Components of the Mini-Quest - webpages, puzzles, methods of contact, etc. - will not be available until 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday November 3oth, 2002, at which time the entry page to the Quest will be posted at the site.

(3) The Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest consists of a series of puzzles and/or tasks to be solved or completed in stages. The ability to access the Internet will be necessary in order to play this game. Solving one stage will direct the player as to how to access the next stage.

(4) The first five players to complete the final task as verified by the submission of their contact information (name and either e-mail address or telephone number) through the official means provided will win the prizes listed below. The method of information submission may also require the player to answer a question(s) designed to verify that they have worked through the Mini-Quest and not gone directly to the solution. Failure to answer the question correctly will disqualify the player. Additionally, two randomly selected entrants from the remaining players who successfully completed the final task will also be chosen to receive prizes.

(5) All decisions regarding the Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest, including but not limited to rules, eligibility, puzzle solutions, game play, contestant disqualification, order of finish, and the interpretation and/or application of the Official Rules, are at Chasing The Wish’s sole and exclusive discretion and are final and not subject to appeal.

(6) Chasing The Wish is not responsible for technology and connectivity problems of any sort, including but not limited to: server problems with any server containing Chasing The Wish Mini-Quest material; connectivity problems with national and local ISP services; interruptions to e-mail, Instant Messaging, or telephone services and availability. Chasing The Wish may, at our discretion, choose to re-schedule the Mini-Quest based on the occurence of such problems.

(7) Chasing The Wish asks that players not post or share the answer to the final stage for at least four hours after the game has begun (which should be 8:00pm EST barring unforeseen delays in the start of the game) or until Chasing The Wish has posted that they have the first five successful entrants. The “answer to the final stage” is defined as the exact e-mail address, webpage location, or telephone number used to submit the contact information at the end of the Mini-Quest. Players involved in chats and posting to message boards may say that they have completed the Quest and provide hints as to how they accomplished it but may not post the exact e-mail address, webpage location, or telephone number they have located and used. Proof of the deliberate posting of the final answer will disqualify the posting player(s). Chasing The Wish understands that real-time speculation occurs in both chat and message board forums during this type of game and that the final answer may be inadvertently revealed in this manner. Final determination as to the violation of this eligibility requirement is at the sole discretion of Chasing The Wish.

(8) The first person to successfully complete the final puzzle/task and submit their contact information as described above will receive their choice of a Chasing The Wish sweatshirt or collectible lunch box, as shown on the Prizes page. The next four players to complete the Quest will receive their choice of Chasing The Wish tee-shirts or coffee mugs. The randomly selected consolation winners will receive prizes to be determined by Chasing The Wish once the other prizes are awarded.

Dateline Nov. 27, 2002: JadedMedia Experience Ready to Launch

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Prepare yourselves for some puzzles and undoubtably a bit of mayhem from the PuzzleMasters at JadedMedia. Their latest series of puzzles, the JadedMedia Experience, launches on December 1. Be sure to [register] to get access to the game and receive announcements as new puzzles are released. JadedMedia has assembled a team of Puzzle Masters who are probably slaving away for your gaming pleasure as you read this.

The puzzles are being created in the same spirit as the amazingly addictive and critically acclaimed puzzle series at []. There will be a minimum of six puzzles in the series spaced out over whatever timeframe makes sense for the players. It’s expected that new puzzles will be released between a week and a month apart.

So far, over 20 players have pre-registered. JadedMedia has sponsored a number of puzzles in the past geared towards the immersive gaming audience.

about jadedmedia

jadedmedia is an online project put together by a team of collaborators. the intention is to keep you guessing by helping you see what you already know. the project has been put together by friends, colleagues, and allies. it is an alternative to what you would normally do in a place that is not even there.

jadedmedia started out as a lie. it evolved into a half-truth. in its present form, it can hide the lies through half-truths, or it can expose the half-truths through lies. it’s all up to the eye of the beholder.

jadedmedia is a beautiful thing in the ugliest sense. it is the high, the low, the far, the near, the up, the down. it is a veritable fountain of information, but it’s really not saying much of anything,

jadedmedia is what you make of it. you are the beholder.

Dateline Nov. 25, 2002: Chasing The Wish: Next Update: 11/26/02

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Pre-registrant’s for Chasing The Wish received their latest update last night. CTW will be releasing the next site update on 11/26/02 and will have a mini-puzzle to whet our appetites available on 11/30/02.

CTW is also offering two levels of play depending upon how much information you are willing to provide. If you give full contact information, you can opt-in for a fully immersive experience potentially including phone calls, real world objects, and more. Both play options are free for all to play.


This Tuesday, November 26th, the [] site will be updated with new information about registration options and requirements as well as information for those who want to get involved behind the scenes with Chasing The Wish. There will also be new details posted Tuesday about a mini puzzle/contest coming this Saturday, November 30th.

Here’s a little “sneak peek” at what will be posted Tuesday:

1) Registration is on track to begin in the next week or two. Because Chasing The Wish will incorporate real world items and activities, players will be asked to submit contact information - e-mail, street address, phone numbers etc. This information will be used for game design and implementation purposes only and will absolutely not be sold, given, or shared with anyone. See the Privacy Policy posted at the site for specific details.

There will be a couple of different options for registering, however. If you don’t feel comfortable submitting personal information, you will be able to sign up to play by submitting only e-mail contact information, but it will not be the same experience as people who choose the full registration. Also, for those who do submit the complete registration information, you can still choose either a “full contact” or “limited contact” option. “Full contact” means we will call you, send letters, packages, etc and possibly plant items or artifacts close to your location. “Limited contact” means that your interaction will be restricted to the internet; we will not call or send things to your house. It’s different than the e-mail only registration in that it still provides us geographic data that will allow for real world objects and events to be possibly incorporated near you.

2) The Chasing The Wish mini puzzle/contest will begin this Saturday November 30th at a time to be announced. It will consist of several stages/tasks and the first people to solve the puzzles and complete the final task will win hot-off-the-press Chasing The Wish merchandise. Details will be sent via e-mail to all pre-registered players before Saturday November 30th.

Thanks again and stay tuned. We’re just getting started.

Chasing The Wish
A place you cannot go, a secret you cannot know.

Dateline Nov. 24, 2002: Noah Boddy: Character Chat Transcript with Lady Selene

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The players had a very, um, interesting chat with Lady Selene this afternoon. Our thanks goes to Bundas who provided with the transcript. You can find Bundas original transcript at [] THE DREAM
LADY SELENE: Thank you for being here, I am sure that you all have so much you want to discuss. So do I, I’ve had another dream.
LADY SELENE: I was in a small enclosed space.
HMMINGBIRD1948: a closet? a small room?
LADY SELENE: It could have been a closet, or an underground room, or maybe even a mausoleum
WUUD: or a cellar, maybe?
LADY SELENE: perhaps, but it was cold, and I was in a great deal of pain
BUNDAS what type of pain?
LADY SELENE: everything hurt, but most of all, my back.
WUUD: was anyone there with you?
LADY SELENE: it felt as though there were a great many people, but I knew I was alone and in the dream, I even felt as if I were imagining the people around me and I knew I needed to get out of there. so I wandered through the darkeness until finally I found my way into a meadow. In the meadow was a little boy, a child really, a baby. And he looked at me, and as he smiled, blood pooled out of his mouth. And I knew it was him, the Boddy that the Reverend speaks of. And as he reached his tiny hand out for me, I awoke. I fear he may be aware of me now. That makes it even more important that we discuss things.
CASE_JUSTIN: When did you dream this?
LADY SELENE: Last night.
CASE_JUSTIN: Could you describe the boy,,, baby… thing for us please? images, impressions…
LADY SELENE: The form of a child is often that of innocence, the blood exposes a corruption of that innocence. He could be of any age.
HMMINGBIRD1948: the man at the corner of h & v-whom the rev met-blood pooled out os his mouth too-onto a ’star’-any connection???
CEMGATE: or do you just feel “EVIL” from him?
WUUD: is there any other way to recognise him besides the blood?
LADY SELENE: Yes, I believe the Reverend had a similar experience on H&V. Whether real or imagined, I cannot tell simply from the journal. Impressions of the boy.. Very young, blond hair, blue eyes, a few months old… and he was wet
JGFAMA: wet?
CEMGATE: wow that’s young
LADY SELENE: As far as Evil, and what Noah Boddy is involved in, I am not yet aware of the process.
LADY SELENE: But it clearly is a transformation of some kind. A transformation that is preying on the innocent. As for the blood, it’s not yet clear in my sight but it does feel connected to his motivations and his desire for power at the cost of others’ spirit.
KISBUNDAS: so is noah boddy a child, or does he just take the form/shape of a child in your visions…not being blessed with visions myself, I’m not sure how these things generally work
LADY SELENE: about the boy.. He was young, but I sensed much more evil than what could possibly be from an actual baby.
BUNDAS can you remember anything about his eyes? aside from being blue…
LADY SELENE: They were deep and concious and very aware
CHAS: Going back, you mentioned feeling pain in the dream; physical, psychic or a combination? Can you provide more detail?
LADY SELENE: physical pain, an overwhelming abomination radiating from the lower back.
JGFAMA: has the pain subsided?
HMMINGBIRD1948: what do u think the pain in your back symbolizes??
CHAS: He did not touch you there, did he?
LADY SELENE: Pain in the back: the pain was only during the dream. And no, he never touched me in the dream… Had he done so, I don’t think I would be here today to talk to you. The pain felt present, as though it was not a symbol, but a memory.


CEMGATE: Do you know “what” Noah Boddy is, do you know what he’s doing…the process he’s involved in?
WUUD: do you feel him getting closer?
LADY SELENE: He remains in the North, and it is possible that he does not yet know where I am, after all, he did not reach me before the dream ended. But I do think he’s searching.
HZ1P: how can we help?what can we do?
HMMINGBIRD1948: North??? northen California????
LADY SELENE: Yes, I believe Northern California
JGFAMA: it’s ok birdy!
REXBURTON: what do you think the blood is a symbol of?
HMMINGBIRD1948: yikes now far noth in cali-please??
LADY SELENE: I’m not sure how far.
HMMINGBIRD1948: i am in no cal
CEMGATE: Do you know “what” Noah Boddy is, do you know what he’s doing, the “process” he’s involved in?
DORTREK1: Is The Rev’s situation similar to that in the Stephen King book, “The Stand”?
LADY SELENE: I am not familiar with “The Stand” so I do not know


DORTREK1: Do you think that Mike is a good person and will help The Rev?
LADY SELENE: Mike is an unknown to me, I have meditated upon him, and have felt nothing. Nither good, nor evil, not indifferent. He may be a psychic block.
BUNDAS what is a psychic block?
LADY SELENE: There are those who are naturally able to defend again being “read” on a psychic level
BUNDAS is that done conciously or subconciously?
LADY SELENE: They are generally cynical and disbelieving people.. Doubting Thomases if you will.


JGFAMA: You mention in your journal that you did a reading for a man who seemed to turn into 2 men…can you tell us more about this and the man?
LADY SELENE: I will get to the ones who asked, and then we shall go one at a time to make sure we get everyone… Now, about the reading…
LADY SELENE: As I said in my journal, when the reading began, the cards came out in sequential order… Something I have never seen happen before, or since.
JGFAMA: care to explain? sorry,, if I’m out of turn
LADY SELENE: And when I looked up at him, there were two men sitting next to each other, neither of whom looked like the gentleman who was actually sitting there.
LADY SELENE: One of them was very old, and the other one was in his teens.
LADY SELENE: The older one was clearly dominant in regards to the younger one, they were a couple.. somehow… and I don’t mean sexually… They were connected. I blinked, and they were both gone
CHAS: Followup clarification please, did you also see him as well?
LADY SELENE: Not for those couple of seconds.
CHAS: ty
LADY SELENE: I can only conjecture that they were relatives, or family members, strongly connected to him in some fashion. The younger one, certainly, had some relationship to him. Younger brother perhaps.
GUPFEE: why is there no entry in your journal for June?
Q CONTINUUM: Is Noah Boddy human? Have you fought an evil entity before? Can you explain why you are caught up in this?
LADY SELENE: Is Noah Boddy human? I assume so. Dark energy abounds, and sometimes can become aware. When that happens, it must be neutralized.
SOME BODDY: do you sense the father knows of your existence and search for him?
LADY SELENE: Of course he does.
BUNDAS Selene: you seem very certain that the Reverend is aware of you…how can you be so sure? Have you met formally?
LADY SELENE: I have never “met” the reverend, and have only seen him twice. Once in my dream. Once on the bus from Denver. But he has mentioned me in his journal, so he is at least aware that I exist. Whether he has tracked me down as your group did, I am not sure. But he has clearly read your group’s messages, so very well may know of me from there. He has not yet emailed me however, but did give that information to you.
WUUD: an old flasher, a young boy, how will we know Boddy when we find him? And what about the people he has control over?
LADY SELENE: And that most likely explains why I am caught up in this. The Goddess has blessed me greatly but such power comes with responsibility. To find him, I would start looking for those who control aspects of society: power, corporation, money. The legal system, politics, medicine…CHAS: But Lady, doesn’t Wica say you must embarce the dark side within as well? How are you to recignize the difference?
LADY SELENE: For myself, I have read numerous instances of dark power being practiced against mankind. Vlad the Impaler, Rasputin, Attilla the Hun, even Hitler. All of them attempted to harness dark energy for their own gain.
CEMGATE: Is there a precedent for what is happening with Boddy in any ancient literature or vision of times past? And if so are there ways known to combat Boddy effectively once found?
LADY SELENE: Noah Boddy in the past… The Reverend apparently thinks that what is happening with Noah Boddy has some connection to the bible.


SASSY: Selene, why did you stop practicing divination?
LADY SELENE: Now the divination question, and why I don’t practice. The last time I attempted such I was given a very clear metaphorical fork in the road. Until the issue of Noah Boddy is decided… There is no future to divine…
DORTREK1: very scarey


GRACE: Hi Lady Selene, in your reading, what was the significance of the cards in sequential order?
LADY SELENE: Significance of sequential cards… A Tarot deck, for those who don’t know, is very similar to a modern playing card deck.
LADY SELENE: There are suits, 4 of them, as well as Major Arcana cards which are similar to face cards of modern standard decks. Now imagine shuffling a normal deck and drawing out the 1,2,3,4,5… all of clubs
SASSY: oooh, yikes
JGFAMA: are you ok sassy?
LADY SELENE: The odds against that are staggering. And in the case of a Tarot deck, where the psychic energy of both reader and questioner are invested in the reading…
SASSY: the odds are pretty high against that
LADY SELENE: The odds are even worse. It has never happened to me, and I am still studying the significance of the order myself.
dnbmathguy something like 1 in 312500000
JGFAMA: alright mathguy
SASSY: The Royal Flush of Tarot
JGFAMA: do you get it Sassy?
SASSY: yeah
MARIAANGELICA: What type of spread did you do
LADY SELENE: The stronger energy is of the one getting the reading, the reader uses her energy merely to help focus. Many spreads are useful.
CHAS: Who’s energy is stronger, or are they equal?
GRACE: If I may ask? what was the first impression of the significance of the order?
MARIAANGELICA: which one for that reading
LADY SELENE: The one I did that day was the standard cross, the most basic, 10 cards, and yes that meant 10 sequential cards.
JGFAMA: All ten? or the first four?
JGFAMA: Oh, I thought it was only four!
LADY SELENE: First impression of the significance of the order, and then we’ll move on…
CHAS: What do coins represent?
LADY SELENE: The cards that come up are based on a certain randomness, but are a reflection of an ordered energy that surrounds the person who is being read.
LADY SELENE: The randomness is part of life, and a tarot reading is designed to make sense out of that randomness
ALH1213: don’t coins or sometime called Penticles represent finance
LADY SELENE: Having 10 cards in sequential order is a perfect structure, there is no randomness there. It should be impossible.
SASSY: So, basically this dude has an intense, step by step plan before him?
LADY SELENE: After all, think of a card trick magician… They can make cards come out in any order they want to… but they’re CHEATING to do so.. and that was my first impression, that somebody, somewhere, was cheating…
JGFAMA: to send you a messgae? good or bad?
SASSY: oooh
LADY SELENE: I will be happy to post a bit more on the Tarot on my site tonight for all
WUUD: or to send you a sign? Have you seen this guy since?
JGFAMA: that would be great
DORTREK1: Thank you, Selene
CHAS: ty
LADY SELENE: I don’t believe it was to send me a sign, I believe the cards were indeed telling of the person… but it could be.
CASE_JUSTIN: Is there any way we can help you in your fight? Any friends or info we could look up?
JGFAMA: could he have been our noah boddy?
LADY SELENE: One mustn’t ignore a sign as significant as that, I am still working on it.
LADY SELENE: No, that much is certain.
LADY SELENE: But a connection, possibly.
MARIAANGELICA: were any of the cards in reverse key
LADY SELENE: I have not seen him since.
JGFAMA: he may be able to help…earth energy
LADY SELENE: None were reverse
Q CONTINUUM: If you meet up with Abednego, Mike, the Librarian (and others), how might your group attempt to defeat Noah Boddy?
CEMGATE: good ?
LADY SELENE: I do not follow the Judeo-Christian believe system, but I know that some in your group do. The more we can find out within Abednego’s journal, the better.
LADY SELENE: I am sure there is more within there than has currently been found.
WUUD: so you’re saying that there is a method to the madness?
CEMGATE: yes…I think we’re sure there is too….lol
LADY SELENE: Defeating Noah Boddy would depend on who he is.. But I do want to talk about the Librarian…
FIVECENTDAD: Lady, the reverend seems to think you are the “librarian”. Do you have idea why he might believe this? Could it be from when he saw you in Denver?
LADY SELENE: And then we will go to some who have not yet asked questions.
LADY SELENE: Perfect. I am not the Librarian, and I do not think from reading his journal that he thinks that I am.
LADY SELENE: I know that I was mentioned in the same entry that he speaks of the Librarian, but I believe that reference was independent to me.
FIVECENTDAD: But he used YOUR address when asking “where’s the librarian?” Maybe he thinks you should know, or can find out?
LADY SELENE: The REverend’s thought processes in those journals clearly bounce from place to place. Perhaps I can find out. But if so, I don’t know how yet. But when I read that journal, I gained an impression…
MOA-NIGHT: Did you get the impression, from the Reverend’s latest entry, that he wishes for us to call the Librarian, much like he had us contact you?
LADY SELENE: There is a suburb, a gated community, where nothing bad ever happens.
WUUD: some gate–where is it?
LADY SELENE: The community is South East of me, a desert town, a place where the warmth washes over you.
SASSY: Sun City
WUUD: how far inland?
SASSY: Arizona
LADY SELENE: And somewhere inside that community, someone writes with a quill pen, surrounded by parchment…
FIVECENTDAD: A scribe? I KNEW it! :-)
DORTREK1: Perhaps a monastery
LADY SELENE: My impressions are not an exact science, but I can rarely sense things to such geographical accuracy much beyond lets say my State or so. Yes I did answer about the divination.
FIVECENTDAD: Sas, I think Sun City would be NE, rather than SE.
CHAS: unwise to spec here
LADY SELENE: Who has a question that has not already asked one?
ROOBYFISH: i don’t think mine showed up.
LADY SELENE: what was yours?
ROOBYFISH: about the rev’s madness?
LADY SELENE: go ahead and as again.
MARYJO_IN_MASS: Lady - what made you sick as a child. What disease?
LADY SELENE: rooby first, then I will go into that gladly.
FIVECENTDAD: Do you get any sense that the librarian possesses a psychic ability, such as your own? Sorry, do mine last please.
ROOBYFISH: about the rev’s madness?
LADY SELENE: hello rooby, we’re waiting for you.
WUUD: do you sense a religious community or maybe a univercity?
ROOBYFISH: sorry, it booted me again.
LADY SELENE: Go ahead rooby
ROOBYFISH: do you think that the rev’s madness is caused purely by his knwledge of moah boddy, or is there another factor?
LADY SELENE: That’s a good question… Did the answer come out about the journal?
JGFAMA: we have that’s a good question…
LADY SELENE: I think my statements are too long for this to handle, was disconnected again. One more time.
JGFAMA: all we have is that’s a good question. some body doesn’t want this reply posted!
LADY SELENE: Without speaking to the Reverend I cannot be sure.
LADY SELENE: I think the speculation on your group is correct, something in Stanley’s journal has triggered knowledge in the Reverend… he is feeling an intense personal guilt about it.
WUUD: I think maybe Boddy is interfereing-everyone concentrate
JGFAMA: hello
LADY SELENE: It is entirely possible, this many people talking about him could very well draw his attention.
ROOBYFISH: do you think that his madness is essential to his communication with you, noah or the librarian?
BUNDAS Do you sense his presence here tonight?
JGFAMA: foggy here in PA
LADY SELENE: It is possible that his madness is essential. History has often related the ability of the mad, or the touched, or those with visions. All of them have a greater sense of the unknown. I do not sense his presence as of yet, but I do sense a gathering energy.
FIVECENTDAD: I think the Rev. feels NB is in No. Cal. I worry for my parents in Redding.
JGFAMA: and Birdy up there some where
LADY SELENE: About the librarian’s psychic ability?
JGFAMA: can we stop/reverse the energy
LADY SELENE: The only impressions that I have received of the librarian is that of careful, methodical, and patient.
LADY SELENE: Whether the librarian has psychic ability I do not know.
WUUD: we may need to use the librarians ability.
LADY SELENE: Yes, I have some to backtrack on. Then I will take others.
WUUD: is the librarian in the gated community?
SASSY: …and is the gate for the whole town?


MARYJO_IN_MASS: Lady, you were going to tell me about your illness as a child.
LADY SELENE: About my childhood sickness… When I was quite young, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I was quite severly sick for quite sime time.
MARYJO_IN_MASS: how did they treat you?
LADY SELENE: The doctors attempted all of the standard procedures, bone marrow, radiation…
MARYJO_IN_MASS: Did you have any near death experiences?
LADY SELENE: Nothing worked until the healer showed up. Standard medical practices were looking bleak, as were the doctors. As I mentioned in my biography, when the faith healer touched me and I saw a beautiful woman who gave me her message…
MARYJO_IN_MASS: yes i remember that
LADY SELENE: it was at that time that the doctors had near given up on me. I flatlined. They were reluctant to revive me. As the illness was in advanced levels. And I was so young and in pain nearly all the time.
MARYJO_IN_MASS: I can’t imagine how you suffered
LADY SELENE: If it hadn’t been for the healer it would certainly have been over…
calvin you are still in pain torn in two are you not?
LADY SELENE: the pain was completely removed when i was given my sfasddsfgasdfkjkjereitklasdfnadflwkefqj0934u5034jtasgasd
WUUD: are you still in contact with the healer-we may need his help.
LADY SELENE: fdskngsadfkjoiwer0239as m,xcvnsdf42r0sdfaslkdfasdf
HMMINGBIRD1948: ooopssssssss
LADY SELENE: gnrowefsdfasdf
HMMINGBIRD1948: um……….
LADY SELENE: hello there.
HMMINGBIRD1948: gibberish?
HMMINGBIRD1948: yikes !!!!!!!
ROOBYFISH: selene?
WUUD: are you OK/
HMMINGBIRD1948: is it just on my screen-or everyone’s?
GUPFEE: methinks the lady is channeling a bad typist
MARYJO_IN_MASS: what as that?
HMMINGBIRD1948: uh ohhhhhh
CASE_JUSTIN: Hello our Lady, how do you feel?
DORTREK1: Maybe another CODE
HMMINGBIRD1948: bad interference-dark stuff-this is not good
LADY SELENE: you seem to think that there is hope and there is none.
HMMINGBIRD1948: hmmmmmmmmm………..??????????
LADY SELENE: you seem to think that Selene can stop this and she cannot.
DORTREK1: Selene has been overpowered
HMMINGBIRD1948: YOU GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leigh where are you
WUUD: But we all can together!!!!
LADY SELENE: you seem to think that you all have a chance and there is nothing that can be done there is nothing that can be done to stop him he is everything and all things and the world will fall to him
FIVECENTDAD: No, she can’t by herself! But we all together can… so beat it, boddy!
MOA-NIGHT: And who might you be?
CASE_JUSTIN: you won’t overpower all of us
ROOBYFISH: abednego?
LADY SELENE: you have no power over Noah. He can destroy everyone if he wishes and he will come to everyone in time.
Leigh my thoughts also, abednego types very similar
LADY SELENE: There is nothing to fear. Noah Boddy is watching after all
CASE_JUSTIN: who are you?
LADY SELENE: Selene will fall to Noah. The Father will fall to Noah. The librarian will fall to Noah
WUUD: Lady, are you all right?
LADY SELENE: We are you
HMMINGBIRD1948: bad bad evil evil
JGFAMA: I think it was the question about her being torn in two
HMMINGBIRD1948: we are stronger than U
LADY SELENE: There is no escape
GUPFEE: /me gets out her garlic necklace
CHAS: WE do not believe you!!!!
LADY SELENE: There is no choice
LADY SELENE: There is no salvation
FIVECENTDAD: Only if you separate us can we fall. And you will not do that.
LADY SELENE: Purgatory is not what it once was asdasdgasdfnaweorh23590u34515412rfasdfasdr
HMMINGBIRD1948: yes there is escape and choice and free will
LADY SELENE: asdfjq034tsdgklhasdg[a0235rq24rfasdf
calvin you have nuch to share, look into the future and see, eye see
LADY SELENE: nv0asdfqh04hrasdfhasdgasdga
SASSY: Lmao1
FIVECENTDAD: Lady coming back, I think….
HMMINGBIRD1948: we as a group are stronger than this evil entity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JGFAMA: I hope!
Leigh are you ok
JGFAMA: are U ok?
HMMINGBIRD1948: oh my
DORTREK1: Are you all right, Selene?
HMMINGBIRD1948: Lady Selene?????
CASE_JUSTIN: be carfull Selene, Noah is on to you
SASSY: If pea soup omes out of my computer, I am loggin off.
HMMINGBIRD1948: prove to us that it is U
LADY SELENE: yes… I am okay., but feeling strange
JGFAMA: I’m with Sassy
LADY SELENE: what happened?
DORTREK1: You were channelling an evil entity
SASSY: You got possessed by demons
HMMINGBIRD1948: Selene NB tool control of u
FIVECENTDAD: It seemed NB took over for a bit.
LADY SELENE: let me copy this transcript first
SASSY: Dman spooks
HMMINGBIRD1948: we fought him off tho !!!!!!!!
HMMINGBIRD1948: woooo wooooo wooooo wooooo wo
FIVECENTDAD: He was espousing dire threats. But we didn’t fall for it.
HMMINGBIRD1948: bad bad NB
SASSY: No pea soup or head spinning tho, so don’t be embarrassed.
HMMINGBIRD1948: we are stronger!! indeed!
HMMINGBIRD1948: white magic strong here
MOA-NIGHT: It wasn’t NB, or if it was, he must be controlled by something greater.
LADY SELENE: I think I should copy this and look at it further…
DORTREK1: It said “we are you”
GUPFEE: urge to burst out laughing strong here
HMMINGBIRD1948: NB is near where I live
CASE_JUSTIN: I would tend to agree moa-Night
calvin you never answer the question, you are still in pain and torn in two
JGFAMA: be strong birdy
LADY SELENE: I believe I will go now, much to do, much to do…
HMMINGBIRD1948: birdy strong birdy strong
ROOBYFISH: calvin, watcha doin?
BUNDAS do take care Lady Selene
SASSY: Just about the only thing he DIDN’T say was, “I see dead people!’
CASE_JUSTIN: Blessed Be.
LADY SELENE: I will make sure this gets on to the group later.
FIVECENTDAD: I don’t blame you after that episode. Take care of yourself.
LADY SELENE: Blessed be all.
ROOBYFISH: be safe
JGFAMA: trying to see what is going on
DORTREK1: Surround yourself with the Pure White light,Selene
LADY SELENE: I need to meditate on what just happened.
MARIAANGELICA: bye and thank you
WUUD: Blessed Be!!
DORTREK1: Take all precautions for your safety
DORTREK1: Blessed be!
LADY SELENE: I will contact you again, I will contact everyone again… And take care of yourselves in the mean time.
DORTREK1: you too!
WUUD: be safe.
JGFAMA: take care
SASSY: Um….what the fruitcake does Merry Pary mean?
HMMINGBIRD1948: doing a spell of protection for selene now
calvin eye will see you all later
JGFAMA: [please post transcript as soon as possible…where will you post it?
HMMINGBIRD1948: MERRY PART birdy is a bad bad bad typer
GUPFEE: Elvis has left the astral plane
JGFAMA: yikes
HMMINGBIRD1948: only have 2 tiny little bird footy and oly 3 nails on each litle foot-what do u expect?
SASSY: Was it Elvis or Regan?
DORTREK1: Hope it’s not another blasted CODE
JGFAMA: what just happened here?
BUNDAS I have a modified transcript (E.g. sorted into categories of questions and responses that I’ll post at: [] in about a half hour.