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Dateline Oct. 9, 2002: offers domain anonymity

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 has patented technology and created a sister company to provide anonymous registrations for Domain Name registrants. This new service will allow PuppetMasters to register domains without violating terms of use with their registrar yet not reveal their identities or contact information.

This innovative service,, offers complete anonymity to webmasters by substituting the registration information with contact information from DBP. The webmaster legally retains complete control of their website while transferring ownership to domainsbyproxy. You can see an example of how this looks here.

Domains By Proxy not only hides your identity, they also provide a private email address that can be set to forward, block or filter messages at your option.

Although you legally transfer ownership of your domain, you retain all rights to use, sell, transfer, maintain DNS, and resolve domain disputes. Your identity remains anonymous so long as you aren’t engaging in illegal activity or subject to a subpoena requiring disclosure.

Spammers, hate site operators, pornographers, and scam artists need not apply.

For PuppetMasters that want to preserve their privacy and provide a better barrier between players and cast, this looks like one service worth engaging. Pricing is only $6 per domain per year on top of your existing domain fees. Your domain must be registered with but you can transfer existing domains to use this service.

Dateline Oct. 9, 2002: Player Tools Now Online

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

We have migrated the tools listed on the original deaddrop site, cleaned up some broken links and have begun adding new links. You can find them under Player Vault at the top of the page.

As of now, we have categories setup for Online Data Conversion, Touch Tone Telephone Tools, Databases, and Steganography.

Stay tuned. We’ll be adding a player tutorial and PuppetMaster Tools soon.

Dateline Oct. 8, 2002: Completes Site Upgrade

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Last night, we upgraded to PHPNuke 6.0 and the latest phpBB forum. Both modules are completely integrated and a single registration gives you access to both our message boards and the main website.

Our goal here at is just a little bit different from other ARG related sites.’, ‘At the present time, we don’t have any plans to host game specific forums. That niche seems quite full at the moment. ;-)

What you will see, is the latest news on anything relevant to Alternate Reality Gaming and cross-genre projects between traditional media and the gaming community.

As the administrator of the site, I would like to welcome all of our guests and encourage you to register. Registration is free and we don’t currently accept commercial advertising.

Over the coming months, I plan to greatly enhance the resource sections for both players and PuppetMasters, provide space for objective and balanced discussion, and do whatever I can to promote independent ARG productions.

Feel free to drop me a line or even submit your comments, articles and thoughts. If there is anything I can do to make a welcome place for newbies and oldtimers, let me know.

Bill Shaw

Dateline Oct. 1, 2002: 35% of ABC’s Push Viewers are Lost

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

According to an ongoing poll at ABC, 35% of Push Viewers are lost. Take our poll and let’s see if our readers are just a tad bit more on the ball.

ABC’s Results as of most recent check:

How do you think you are doing in solving the mystery of Push, Nevada?

18.07% I know what’s happening
46.89% I’ve got a clue
35.02% I’m lost

Dateline Oct 1, 2002: Push, Nevada Episode 6 Title

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Push, Nevada Episode 6 Title’, ‘2002-10-01 13:04:24′, ‘Snatched from the message boards at, I’ve learned from trustworthy sources that Episode 6 will be entitled …

Ok, now that I have your attention ;) The episode (assuming Push makes it that far-see related story) will be entitled “S.O.S.” and is scheduled to air on October 17, 2002.

Thanks to Petbugs from Collective Detective for posting that tidbit!

Numerous viewers have reported apparent morse code in several previous episodes and on a few of the websites associated with the show. Most notably, one of the flash images on Enoch Online [] had a number of blinking lights.

Dateline Sep 30, 2002: Transcript from Alias Chat with Rulerfrog

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Jesse Alexander, aka Rulerfrog from the first season Alias Web Game was kind enough to attend a moderated chat at [Alias Junkie]. Mr. Alexander is also a a producer and writer for the hit television series.

Alexander provided some very minor spoilage and briefly discussed the games. They are working on integrating the Weissbot into the show. The transcript follows.

AliasJunkie: Okay everyone

AliasJunkie: chat is now moderated

rmsilver7: ok, G its all you

hadassaknamu: yes

AliasJunkie: we’ll give you all a chance to speak with Jesse

AliasJunkie: starting with Charlie

terra: yes Riika

rmsilver7: btw, Hi Jesse

Wag_: Jesse, Gennie (aka AliasJunkie) is moderating the chat

AliasJunkie: Okay Charlie…ask your question

AliasJunkie: Everyone please have questions ready

Charlie_AllAlias: Jesse - was there ever a time where you wish that an Alias episode had turned out another way - i.e. you didn’t like how it turned out?

AliasJunkie: We’ll be going down the chat list

terra: quick guideline.. have your question ready to copy/paste into the chat

hadassaknamu: welcome to everyone who just came into chat… when you are given a voice, you can ask a question :=)

AliasJunkie: Charlie asked: Jesse - was there ever a time where you wish that an Alias episode had turned out another way

AliasJunkie: Okay Jesse

_JesseSD6: I keep getting an odd SERVER! message whenever I hit return…

AliasJunkie: you can answer questions

_JesseSD6: now am I on?

AliasJunkie: You are now able to talk Jesse

Charlie_AllAlias: yes

rmsilver7: we forgot to turn you on!

_JesseSD6: cool..

_JesseSD6: uhmm… Originally the Box was conceived to be one episode… I wish that we’d been able to get it all done in one… I think it would’ve been far more powerful…

terra: you can be seen now

_JesseSD6: I’m pretty happy with most of the others…

Charlie_AllAlias: ok thanks

_JesseSD6: Is it okay if I type a fragment and then hit return? and then add to it?

terra: of course

AliasJunkie: Any other questions Charlie?

Charlie_AllAlias: Yes

_JesseSD6: I’m so used to hitting return when I type…

AliasJunkie: One more please and then we’ll move on to Connie.

Charlie_AllAlias: do you ever get a chance to visit Alias fan sites? What do you think of them?

Charlie_AllAlias: k

_JesseSD6: I think the ALIAS fan sites are amazing… I skim them often… I can’t believe the work people put into them…

rmsilver7: Connie, you have a question?

_JesseSD6: We are always checking message boards to see how people react to things… The Will story from last year is one that was steered in a new direction based on how the fans were reacting to it…

AliasJunkie: Great questions Charlie.

AliasJunkie: Moving on to next question….

Wag_: So you folks will actually steer the show or a character in another direction based on fan response.

_JesseSD6: It depends… We have our main arcs and character movements that we’re married to… But if details aren’t working or something needs to be clarified… then we make adjustments…

hadassaknamu: welcome to the chat… wait until you are given a voice — and then you can ask a question, until then just PM each other… so don’t leave :=)

AliasJunkie: I have a question Jesse

_JesseSD6: ok

AliasJunkie: *raises hand lol*

AliasJunkie: Do any of the actors/actresses ever add to the script?

AliasJunkie: Suggest storylines?

AliasJunkie: If so..example?

_JesseSD6: sometimes…

_JesseSD6: On a few occasions Ron Rifkin has had some specific ideas about words his character would say… sometimes our dialog can be a bit writerly…

_JesseSD6: I just wrote an episode where Bradley’s character is at a specific type of meeting… And Bradley had been to a few of these for research and gave me some tips…

_JesseSD6: As far as storylines go we haven’t had any really input from the cast…. often they will help us understand what their character is going through…

Athena: Hello everyone.

_JesseSD6: Sorry if I’m not typing fast enough…

AliasJunkie: What’s your question

AliasJunkie: lol Jesse …we understand

terra: Hi Athena.. do you have a question?

Athena: New here just wondering how this works

rmsilver7: athena, do you have a question about the show?

terra: For everyone’s Info.. you will be given a voice at some point.. please have your question ready to ask to our special guest

rmsilver7: please say ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Athena: I can’t think of a think right now

rmsilver7: ok, next up is Cora

Cora: I work for Central Casting, and haven’t been
able to get on the show as an extra can you help?

rmsilver7: That is not a show related question, next

_JesseSD6: uh… hmm… uh… I wouldn’t know how to be honest with you…

AliasJunkie: Let’s try to keep the questions show related please.

AliasJunkie: Do you have a question Kevin?

rmsilver7: KevinG, your up

KevinG: yes

KevinG: Jesse how do you think the Vaughn/Syd relationship will evolve this season?

_JesseSD6: I think it’s clear to everyone that Vaughn and Sydney have very deep feelings for each other…

_JesseSD6: Maybe they aren’t clear about it yet… but this year their situation will become clearer for them as well

: Where’s Sark? Sipping wine in a swank French Resturant? What kind of role will he play in the coming season?

terra: For everyone’s Info.. you will be given a voice at some point.. please have your question ready to ask to our special guest

_JesseSD6: Vaughn and Syd have a tough time… Their jobs prevent them from being together in public… but on missions they can savor their time…

_JesseSD6: Sark rules!

AliasJunkie: LOL *we tend to agree Jesse*

_JesseSD6: He’s the coolest guy ever and will be super important this season!

hadassaknamu: I have a question for our guest here … lol

terra: yes myself in particular *wink wink*

rmsilver7: (hes from Oregon, where I live, hes great!)

_JesseSD6: Sark and Syd have exceptional chemistry together…

_JesseSD6: I loved Sark’s latajang fight with Syd last year…

_JesseSD6: In the Denpassar marketplace…

rmsilver7: Nicole87, u have a question?

Nicole87: I do

Nicole87: I know that you do some writing for the show, and I was just wondering where you got your ideas? Are they from actual events that you’ve went through ot read about in real life, or do you just come up with all this great stuff in your mind?

_JesseSD6: great q… hmmm…

_JesseSD6: My stuff tends to come from things I’ve read… seen… or want to see… and conversations we have in the writers room…

terra: For everyone’s Info.. you will be given a voice at some point.. please have your question ready to ask to our special guest (sorry to sound so repetitve.. but all our new arrivals need to know )

_JesseSD6: It’s an incredible process at ALIAS… about 10 of us in a room together all day everyday talking about our characters and where we want to take them and have them do…

_JesseSD6: What we want to have them do…

Northstar: Who is the easiest character to write for? Who is the hardest?

_JesseSD6: What kind of trouble we want them to be in… does that make sense..

terra: yes thanks Jesse.. made sense to us

AliasJunkie: *Everyone just entering…please be patient. You’ll get your chance to ask Jesse a question*

_JesseSD6: Wow… I like writing Jack… He is so cool and has so much going on… he’s my favorite character… Syd is probably the hardest…

_JesseSD6: Her voice is so important…

_JesseSD6: the toughest part of writing the show is getting the story across…

_JesseSD6: There is so much exposition we have to impart and yet we don’t want to get too confusing… we’re successful most of the time…

AliasJunkie: Have a question for Jesse SweetP?

SweetP: Yes I do!

Wag_: Jesse, how are you doing on time?

_JesseSD6: And we want our characters to sound like real people… its tough when there is so much recap… tonight’s episode was particular tricky with all that… I think Syd going to Barnett really helped frame things…

_JesseSD6: I

_JesseSD6: oops… I’m okay on time…

SweetP: Jesse - how far in advance are you writing your arc? Do you have an idea for Season Three and beyond? Also a little hint - Vaughn and Weiss get drunk! ;-)

_JesseSD6: I’m waiting for my wife to get dressed for the party and that could take a while… wink wink…

AliasJunkie: *lol*

_JesseSD6 left the room

Wag_ left the room

rmsilver7: lol

rmsilver7: oops

terra: oops we lost our guest!

rmsilver7: looks like we ran into some technical difficulties!

AliasJunkie: everyone wait a second for jesse to return

AliasJunkie: we’re going to turn chat back on until jesse

AliasJunkie: when he returns we’ll go back to moderated

This room is no longer Moderated

Charlie_AllAlias: test

AliasJunkie: chat away

terra: welcome everyone!

: quiz

Northstar: I must say I think they did a great job on tonight’s episode

AliasJunkie: Hi everyone!

AliasJunkie: I agree

AliasJunkie: great job!

edendion: Hiya!

terra: yes fantastical

rmsilver7: Welcome everyone!

SweetP: Yes, it was certainly action packed man

: hi north

AliasJunkie: has everyone seen the episdoe?

Northstar: it was a great recap for anyone who may not have watched last year

Charlie_AllAlias: not me

jenki211: Tonight’s ep was completely awesome! I can’t wait for more!

nosleep3: jesse was right, there was an awful lot of exposition

Walk_In: Tonights episode was great.

Nicole87: Never got to see it!! Getta see it tomorrow!

chienhuey: yup - it was great

edendion: I have.

Nicole87: Cannot wait

AliasJunkie: We apologize for you all not being able to chat

Charlie_AllAlias: 2 hours 5 min left

Lala412: I saw it - it was SO fantastic!!

terra: yes I think it really made it easy for new fans to get into it

AliasJunkie: but we had to moderate room while jesse was here

edendion: No prob.

chienhuey: no worries

Nicole87: Makes sense

elb001: i wonder if we will ever find out what the sum of all Rimbaldi’s
inventions are

AliasJunkie: So how is everyone?

jenki211: i understand

terra: thanks for coming and making this so great everyone!

Northstar: are the questions and answers going to be posted somewhere?

Lala412: Hyper! :-)

NOT_JGR: i actually Taped it ! :D

Nicole87: Otherwise there’d be questions flyin’ around everywhere

[aliasMV9901]: so what did Jesse say?

Nicole87: Total chaos.

Nicole87: lol

elb001: i guess i can ask if the guest comes back

Walk_In: I watched it and taped it. lol

edendion: Grrrrrreat after finding out Vaughn is alive.

AliasJunkie: We’ll have transcript ready by tonight

rmsilver7: lol

AliasJunkie: you can get it on alias junkie

Charlie_AllAlias: Is Jesse coming back?

NikitaFan entered the room

Northstar: great AliasJunkie.. thanks

[aliasMV9901]: Thanx

AliasJunkie: alias institute

terra: yes all of our sites should have transcirpts up soon

AliasJunkie: and secret life of alias

AliasJunkie: and digital prophet

nosleep3: typically, exposition should not be given by the lead character,
but since syd is very rarely allowed to confess all, nobody else could
have given the exposition anyway.

rmsilver7: yep!

lindsbeau: hi everybody!

AliasJunkie: jesse is coming back

terra: proabably all alias as well eh C?

Wag_ entered the room

AliasJunkie: just having server problems

rmsilver7: wb Wag

_JesseSD6 entered the room

terra: ok moderation again guys

AliasJunkie: Wb Wag

This room is Moderated

AliasJunkie: Room is now moderated again

terra: welcome back

rmsilver7: wb back, Wag and Jesse

AliasJunkie: Welcome Back Jesse

AliasJunkie: and Wag

AliasJunkie: We’re going to continue with questions. How long do you have Jesse?

_JesseSD6: ten more mins

AliasJunkie: So we know how many questions to give you.

_JesseSD6: bring em on

Wag_: Keep the questions coming

Wag_: Jesse is ready

AliasJunkie: Your questoin Alias?

_JesseSD6: Weiss rules!

AliasJunkie: *lol yes he does*

alias311: what happened to the school element of Sydney’s life? is that going to continue?

_JesseSD6: oh… you noticed that?

alias311: it seems to be really downplayed now

_JesseSD6: Juggling school has been as hard for the writers as it is for Syd…

_JesseSD6: There is so much going on in her life and in our episodes that it’s almost impossible for us to figure out how to feature it…

_JesseSD6: We have a major school story planned that should clarify things soon…

AliasJunkie: What’s your question for Jesse Nikita?

AliasJunkie: Nikita…do you have a question for Jesse?

AliasJunkie: Okay…we’ll continue to next person

NikitaFan: Yes - How many people writing for the show have a background in intelligence, can they say?

_JesseSD6: nobody does… Rick Orci and myself are steeped in the mythos of the intelligence community and are constantly doing research on that subject…

_JesseSD6: we read websites, magazines, newspapers,
books, all of it…. It’s just something that we’re into…

AliasJunkie: Melissa…what’s your question for Jesse?

_JesseSD6: One of our new writers this year did work for the State Department and we’ve been joking around that she’s a CIA mole…

terra: lol

Melissa: I apologize if anything of this nature has been asked earlier, but I was wondering what effect the early internet fans’ opinions of Will have on the current storylines?

_JesseSD6: The Will comments from last year were something that deeply affected how we perceived his character…

_JesseSD6: The writers looked at him in a way that the fans did not… we’ve adjusted his character accordingly and think he will soon become a fan favorite… Bradley is a terrific actor and will have alot to chew on this season…

_JesseSD6: The fans always saw will as working against Syd and putting her in danger…

AliasJunkie: Do you have a question SamAnn?

_JesseSD6: The writers just thought of him as being her friend and trying to help…

_JesseSD6: So we made him pay for his curiosity…

rmsilver7: Please everyone remember to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ when you are voiced

Wag_: Do we have a few more questions

AliasJunkie: Okay Walk_In…Do you have a question?

_JesseSD6: I hope everybody knows about the new ALIAS book coming out…. ALIAS: DECLASSIFIED… It is amazing… beuatiful and has major detail about the show… it comes out in early october…

AliasJunkie: We’re all very excited about it Jesse.

rmsilver7: Walk in YES or NO???

terra: I know we’re all looking forward to it

AliasJunkie: I have a quick you might be able to answer

Walk_In: no

AliasJunkie: Is there one thing that’s going to happen this season you can spoil us on?

AliasJunkie: We love spoilers

_JesseSD6: Is that Zephyr Hex who played the ALIAS game last year?

_JesseSD6: I just saw your name on the list…

rmsilver7: lol, Jesse

Wag_: We’ll be giving everyone on the team more information on the book next week. Including the Los Angeles book signing event.

_JesseSD6: Spoilers… hmm…

_JesseSD6: Let me think for a sec… I don’t want to ruin anything…

rmsilver7: oh Ruin PLEASE!

rmsilver7: lol

AliasJunkie: lol

AliasJunkie: yes ruin us

AliasJunkie: we don’t mind

terra: those who don’t want to be spoiled please close
your eyes

_JesseSD6: Sark and Sloane will meet again… How about that?

AliasJunkie: Sounds good for us!

AliasJunkie: Thanks for the spoiler.

AliasJunkie: Do you have a questions AliasMV?

[aliasMV9901]: What about Vaugh and Syd this year?

_JesseSD6: They will go on more missions together…

_JesseSD6: It’s really the only time they can enjoy each others company for more than a few moments…

_JesseSD6: It’s there version of dating…

AliasJunkie: Cliffhanger…do you have a question?

cliffhanger: Yes. How long does it take to complete an episode from beginning to end, on average? What part of production do you enjoy the most? And if you see David Morizot tell him Bruce and Leigh said hi. Thank you for the great show.

_JesseSD6: Hmm… Being to end… 9 days of shooting a week or so of post production… three weeks to write… what does that add up to… I’ll see David tonight and tell him…

_JesseSD6: month and a half?

AliasJunkie: Do you have a questoin aliasgrl?

_JesseSD6: I love breaking stories with all the writers in the room…

aliasgrl427: my question was asked

AliasJunkie: Do you have a question clj?

AliasJunkie: CLJAGG2000…do you have a question for Jesse?

cljagg2000: how tied in are the show and the online game going to be this season? and is the beta game still tied in and moving forward?

_JesseSD6: beta game?

rmsilver7: Jesse, how much time do you have left?

_JesseSD6: ALIAS: UNDERGROUND will feature the best missions from this season and last…

cljagg2000: the “test” leading up to the “real” game…

_JesseSD6: And we’re trying to intergrate the Weiss Bot game into the show… It’s tricky though… it should start to sync up… I don’t think we have a game in beta right now…

_JesseSD6: I’m just waiting for my wife to get dressed so I could be here all night… she loves to play dressup…

AliasJunkie: Just so you know…we’re all fans of the Weiss game. It’s very entertaining.

rmsilver7: ok, well move on

AliasJunkie: Do you have a question CD MUSIC?

_JesseSD6: It’s amazing… Keith Tralins has done a phenom job with that… And hopefully we will start adding new content to the main ABC site…

AliasJunkie: CDMusic…do you have a question for Jesse?

_JesseSD6: We’re trying to integrate the Weiss game with the Alias: Underground game as well…

AliasJunkie: Do you have a question Cheinhuey?

chienhuey: are there women writers on the show? one of the things i hear is that men tend to have a hard time writing women roles - how do u guys/gals do it so well?

_JesseSD6: We’re also doing a Playstation game with Akklaim… This will come out late next year…

_JesseSD6: We have three women writers… And it’s not so hard… You just have to try and keep it real…

AliasJunkie: Do you have a question Edendion?

_JesseSD6: understanding what anyone would be going through in theses situations…

edendion: yes

edendion: First off, thanks for spending time with us, Jesse. My question is how much will Marshall affect the storyline this season?

rmsilver7: ohh Marshall!

terra: marshall! *sorry for the outburst*

rmsilver7: lol

AliasJunkie: *grins*

_JesseSD6: Sure… Marshall is awesome… And we’d love to get him into the field…

_JesseSD6: Oh! My wife is finally ready! It’s time for me to go! Thanks for letting me hang out with you all!

terra: thanks for joining us!

AliasJunkie: Thanks Jesse!

rmsilver7: Ok, thank you Jesse!

Wag_: Jesse, I sent you an email. Thanks so much again for joining the chat.

AliasJunkie: You rock!

_JesseSD6: I’d love to do it again!

AliasJunkie: Come back and chat soon.

_JesseSD6: Bye!

rmsilver7: Of course!

AliasJunkie: Bye

terra: Bye!

AliasJunkie: *waves pink hankie*

rmsilver7: YOu are always welcome!! Bye!

_JesseSD6 left the room

This room is no longer Moderated

[Transcript reprinted with permission]

[Transcript by: Riika Magnus of Secret Life of Alias]

© 2002 Alias Junkie and The Secret Life of Alias. All Rights Reserved. Absolutely no posting of this transcript without proper credit is allowed. Please email the web masters with any questions reguarding this transcript.

Dateline Sep 27, 2002: Alias live chat to feature PMs from Season 1 Web Puzzle

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Alias live chat to feature PMs from Season 1 Web Puzzle’, ‘2002-09-27 10:33:32′, ‘ABC’s viral marketing team has scheduled live chats for the season opener. The West Coast chat will feature Jesse Alexander, a producer and writer from Alias. He was also the listed contact on the Rulerfrog website which was a prominent part of the Alias Web Puzzle last year.

From the latest eTeam Email:

Several eTeam agents will be hosting chats the night of the Season Premiere. A special guest will be joining the West coast chat. His name is Jesse Alexander and he is a producer and writer on ALIAS! Check the eTeam “News” section tomorrow to see what time he’ll be joining the chat. I will be attending as well. If you have questions for Jesse, he’ll be glad to answer them. We’re both looking forward to it and hope to see every one there.

Available chats:

Dateline Sep 5, 2002: Is this the end of anonymity for PuppetMasters?

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

When an issue reaches the level where it affects the ability of the oldest and largest registrar on the Internet to conduct business, you have to sit up and take notice.

Will a lack of anonymity ruin the character of alternate reality gaming?

As reported on cnet, ICANN has given Verisign two weeks to clean up their whois database or lose their right to register domains.

It seems that the core issue is the responsiveness of registrars to public complaints of inaccurate information in the Internet domain registry. The official announcement from specifically addresses the need for registrars to fix entries in a timely fashion. Verisign has entries that have been reported as incorrect for over eighteen months.

In the article, one specific example is a domain registered to “Toto” located at Yellow Brick Road, Oz, Kansas. Although the integrity of the whois database maintained by registrars is critical to ensuring accountability on the Internet, it is common practice in the world of ARG (immersive gaming) to use ficititious registration data. This practice has come about to preserve the immersive environment and to further maintain the separation, or curtain, between players and PM’’s.

PuppetMasters (the guys running the game from behind the scenes) often use information from in-game characters to populate the contact and domain information database to preserve the illusion of the game. In some instances, the information might even provide valuable clues necessary for the players to discover new websites and information related to the game.

Knowing the identities of the PM’s can easily lead to the players discovery of information that could spoil the game. Granted, the PM’s should protect their content a bit from overly inquisitive players, but productions from smaller organizations or groups will have a real disadvantage once the curtain has been breached. At a minimum, knowing who is running the game certainly chips away at the illusion of reality for many of the players.

Since registars will be under the gun to fix inaccuracies, I can only imagine that they will keep domains with invalid contact information on a very short leash and such domains might disappear without any apparent or public notice. Players could take advantage of this to disrupt the game or force the PM’s to disclose information not intended for the audience. I wish I could feel comfortable that players would avoid those types of actions, but it would be naive to make that assumption.

So what is a PM to do? It could be made plain through the game that communication with the whois contacts is verboten. Alternatively, contact by other than the official registrar could simply be ignored. Regardless, without a clearcut set of guidelines for player/PM behavior, the potential for problems is real.

Hello world!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

My old PHPNuke site was so besieged by spammers and hack attempts, I decided I needed to start over. Server load was pretty much pegged at 100% until I killed all the php scripts. My install of Nuke was so customized, I had no upgrade path to a secure (relatively) build. Kind of sucks actually.

Over the next few months, I will be recreating much of the original content, primarily the articles and resource links. I’m not sure what to do with the message board content, but I may try to resurrect the threads as blog entries.

Readers new and old… Welcome back to Deaddrop, home to one of the original ARG sites and a founding member of the Alternate Reality Gaming Network.